Sisir's field trip to South Africa

Sisir's field trip to the Bushveld Complex, South Africa (2004)

As a postdoc of the AMNH I visited the Eastern Bushveld Complex with my supervisor Ed Mathez for field work and collected samples
for the UG2 chromitite project funded by the NSF. In addition, we mapped a section of the UG2 pyroxenite in underground mine.

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Bifurcating UG1 chromitite layers; Dwars River

Magnetite band interlayered with anorthosite; Upper Zone


Alan in a lonely planet

Sunset at Kruger

Cloud, mountains, South Africa

At the Driekop camp: Alan, Sisir and Ed with geologist from Anglo Pt.

Sisir in front of the UG2 chromitite layer; Photo - Ed Mathez

Chromitite band interlayered with anorthosite (below) and norite (above)

Drill cores, Dreikop camp; Photo - Ed Mathez

Eastern Bushveld Complex

To preserve the Dwars section

In front of UG1 chromitite layers; Dwars River; Photo - Alan Rice

Base camp at Dreikop, Anglo Pt

To Kruger