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Security screen owners - special cleaning contract
(Just so you know, Sir Washalot is not in anyway associated with or affiliated to any security screen company whatsoever)

We offer a cleaning service for security screens such as Crimsafe, Amplimesh and Secureview  to name a few. 

The warranties require that the screens be cleaned regularly,  the  frequency increasing with proximity to harsher environments such as industrial areas and sea side locations. 

The cleaning methods used by Sir Washalot are in strict accordance with the warranty of the specific security manufacturer. We do not use caustic or abrasive cleaners, solvents or pressure cleaners as these methods may damage security screens and void the warranty.

Our work is guaranteed, and the screens are inspected pre and post cleaning. Any damage is photographed and an acknowledgement or waiver signed as necessary.   

We are offering a special, affordable and convenient contract  that will ensure the screens remain in tip-top condition and meet the terms of the warranty without blowing your budget! 

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