Sir Washalot will even help you clean your own windows!

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Cleaning windows - part 1

Cleaning windows - part 2

DIY window cleaning

Here are some tips if you want to clean your own windows. We highly recommend it - great exercise, 'feel good' factor when the windows sparkle and shine, and you get to save some money too... Excellent!

1. The equipment
  • Squeegees -  1 or more depending on window sizes
  • Applicator - 1 or more as above
  • Squeegee bucket holster - this hangs on your belt, saves time and mess ( and looks really cool).
  • Scraper blade
  • Dish washing liquid - seriously, it works well 
  • Microfibre cloths - you can never have too many 

(Caution: unless you are experienced with ladder work, stay on the ground and use an extension pole for higher windows. No cleaning job is worth the fall...)

Important - Only buy good quality gear, it  does cost more, but it will give you greater value for money and better results.

2. The job

Click on the video links on the left and watch the videos. They are really well presented and informative.

Also this website has a lot more written detail (and video), enjoy 

3. Call me

It might be easier to just call me now because I already have the equipment, watched the videos (and many more), developed the skills and my rates are really good.