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Other Services
Sir Washalot is dynamic, flexible and well equipped and offers the following additional services.
- Bond Cleaning
          This is your one stop shop for a serious quality bond clean!
          Apart from the usual (floors, walls, cupboards, bathrooms toilets and kitchens), Sir Washalot also offers:
                        - Stove and oven cleaning
                        - Window, screens, track and frame cleaning 
                        - Wheelie bins
                        - Garage floors and driveways
                        - Carpet cleaning and more!
- Pure water cleaning 
Sir Washalot offers pure water cleaning for exterior windows, solar panels and hot water services. This technology is fast, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

- Solar and hot water panels
Anything that obstructs the suns rays affects the amount of energy that can be absorbed. Small reductions in energy absorption can have big effects on your pocket over time.
Solar panels - reduces elecrical generation and increases cost
Hot water - lowers water temperatures and reduces heat generation on overcast days,  increasing electricity consumption and cost 

- Pressure and Gutter Cleaning 
Sir Washalot has some serious pressure washing kit - his champion pressure washer comes mounted in its own chariot and can pump out 4500psi!

So call us if you want  
  • Gutter-Goblins grappled
  • Driveway-Dragons drubbed
  • Pathway-Pixies punished
  • Deck-Daemons destroyed
  • Bin-Banshees banished
  • and more
Sir Whirl-Away hard at work chasing a Gutter-Goblin