Sir Washalot pledges great window cleaning service

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Welcome to our world

Windows offer a unique opportunity to frame the world in a refreshingly different way, which is what we hope these photos convey... 

We love what we do!
Chariot and Charger
Sir Washalot's trusty chariot and charger (Mk 2) 

Can you spot the patio panels?
This is an example of the beautiful views we get to enjoy - can you see the patio panels? They take up most of the photo.

A work of reflected art!
One of our favourite photos - you have to look twice to realise it is a reflection of the garden in a Sir Washalot cleaned window...

A pretty picture

Just loved the way that this door framed the patio and the garden... clean windows make a huge difference to the way you see your world!

A picture of the cleaner taking a picture of the cleaner taking a picture of the cleaner...

We often take photos to show our clients - this one came about quite accidentally with David's reflection in the mirror, perfectly framed in his reflection in the glass... 

Our rates are very competitive and our service and quality - excellent.  So if you're after great value for money, call us.