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These FAQ's might answer some of your queries. If not please give us a call or send an email and we will answer you as fully as we can as soon as we are able. 

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Most residential clients have their windows cleaned every 3 to  6 months. Cleaning frequency depends on factors such as traffic pollution, proximity to the beach, extent of salt spray, dust, the number of  children and pets in the home and the design of the house.

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What does window cleaning cost?

Window cleaning prices are directly related to the number of windows, type of glass, window design and ease of access. 

Our website gives an approximate cost based on average rates, but a free quotation without obligation is the way to go. In many cases we can give a price over the phone, so give us a call or send an email with the job details

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How do I pay?

Payment may be made by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer and is payable on completion of the job. In some cases a deposit may be required or other arrangements made but these are exceptional.

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Do I get a tax invoice?

Absolutely! As soon as the job is done.

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What types of window do you clean?

We clean windows in  

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial  buildings

Our equipment allows us to remain on the ground and clean windows up to 3 stories. We do not use high ladders or scaffolding. However, most windows in a multi storey home can be accessed from the inside, so give us a call.

We also clean glass pool, patio and shower panels and have products and equipment to deal with hard water stains. We are also aware of different types of glass and the techniques and procedures necessary to clean them effectively.

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What is included in your Quote?

Our quotes clearly detail the work agreed. Some clients only want the one side of their windows done while others want the full kit and kaboodle so that would include, window panes, screens, tracks, sills and frames (usually a bond clean). So there are many flexible options available to you many of which will suit your budget, and it will be clearly detailed in the quote. 

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When can you do the job?

That is subject to our workload – but we will agree a time and date that suits you. Urgent jobs can be given priority.

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What insurance do you carry?

We carry a $10 million Public Liability insurance and will produce the certificate upon request.

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What are you doing about the environment?

Sir Washalot is environmentally aware and has adopted a number of policies and practices in this regard. Some of the things we do to reduse our carbon footprint include:

  • Increased use of internet and telephone for communication
  • Reduction of waste in every aspect of our operation, from the office to the work site
  • Regularly serviced and maintained vehicles and equipment
  • Disposal of rubbish at official recycling depots
  • Disposal of cleaning solutions in accordance laws and regulations
  • Window cleaning practices and techniques that minimise water consumption and pollution

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What water do you use?

For window cleaning we use water that contains no salts or chemicals and leaves no deposits on the window when it dries. We add only proven products to this water to guarantee a high quality finish. 

Overall water consumption on a window cleaning job is minimal.

We also susbscribe to the recommendations and practices embodied by the Queensland Government Waterwise initative which everyone should be aware of. The foillowing link will take you to the Waterwise website

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Do you still come if it is raining?

Light rain is never a problem, it is refreshing for window cleaners to say the least. However, we would reschedule if in our opinion the weather might affect the health and safety of our cleaners. OHS is our top priority.

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Doesn't rain make the windows dirty?

Not really but there are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Impurities in the atmosphere absorbed by the rain, such as pollen, dust, smoke and vehicle emissions, could result in the windows drying dirty. This is usually the result of a brief down fall as longer periods of rain ensure these impurities are removed.
  •  Any impurities present on the glass prior to a downpour tend to look worse afterward, dust changes to mud for example. If the windows have been recently cleaned, the rain and impurities tend to run off the clean glass keeping the windows cleaner for longer.

Sir Washalot would re-do any windows affected by rain free of charge, for up to three days following a window clean – it is part of our satisfaction guarantee, so there is no need for you to be concerned.

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Do you clean window screens?

Yes we do. Dirty fly screens are unpleasant to look through. Standard screens are removed and washed. Security screens have to be cleaned in situ which requires a more complex process.

We also offer a special screen cleaning contract for security screens as there is an explicit warranty requirement for regular cleaning the frequency of which increases with proximity to harsher environments. While the cleaning process is straightforward, it is another thing that you have to remember to do. 

Sir Washalot takes that chore from you and and helps protects your warranty at the same time.   

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How do you clean windows that are higher up?

Most higher up windows can be accessed from the inside. Those that cannot are cleaned using a pole system that enables the cleaner to remain on the ground. With this system we can reach windows up to three storeys high so this is not a problem.

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Would you offer any advice so I can clean my own windows and save money?

Yes certainly, we would answer any questions you have and freely share our knowledge. We enjoy window cleaning and find there are some pretty good health benefits associated with it. We will even work with you so you can develop the skills and techniques necessary to clean like a pro . There is even a page on our website with some information and links for the DIY enthusiast.


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