Welcome to the Evolutionary & Applied Reproductive Biology  Lab at The College of Wooster

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We are broadly interested in the reproductive behavior of animals, including mechanisms that males and females use to influence reproductive success.  Our current research focuses on reproductive behavior and physiology in several species including: the pomace fly (Drosophila melanogaster), the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), and humans.

Sirot lab - Summer 2014.  
From left to right:  Laura Sirot, Eva Kotsopoulos, Hannah Olson, Laura Darby, Katie Boes

Recent lab news:

9/02/2014: Two additional undergraduate researchers have joined our lab:  Denise F. and Moe F.  Welcome!

7/10/2014: Laura Sirot and Katie Boes presented our research at the Insect Reproductive Molecules meeting at Cornell University.  The meeting was a great opportunity to talk with many researchers who study seminal fluid proteins.  Thanks to Mariana Wolfner for organizing the meeting!

6/19/2014: Our paper reporting the seminal fluid proteins of Aedes albopictus was published today in PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases.  Read it here.  

6/2/2014: Laura Sirot returned from her sabbatical at INECOL, and our undergraduate student researchers have returned to campus to work on summer research projects. We are gearing up for a great summer!   

3/12/2014: Katie Boes presented an overview of our current mosquito projects at the OSU OARDC Mosquito Conference.  The conference was a great opportunity to meet several mosquito researchers based in Ohio and nearby states - a big thanks to Pete Piermarini at OSU for organizing it.

1/22/2014: Eva K joined our lab as a volunteer.  She is particularly looking forward to dissecting mosquitoes to help address several research questions.  Welcome Eva!

1/3/2014: Laura left for her sabbatical at INECOL working in the lab of Dr. Martín Aluja.

11/12/13: Katie Boes presented our research on Aedes albopictus seminal fluid protein at the 2013 Entomological Society of America meeting in Austin, Texas. Congratulations, Katie!

7/10/2013:  Laura Sirot presented our research on comparative mosquito seminal fluid proteins at the 2013 meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE). Her talk title was "Seminal fluid proteomes of Aedes mosquitoes." 

6/05/2013:  Our summer research students are busy at work on their projects.  Sharla Dean, a College of Wooster student who is working on campus this summer, has volunteered to assist with these projects.  Welcome Sharla.

1/14/2013:  It's a new semester here at The College of Wooster, and we're welcoming two additional  undergrad research assistants to the lab.  Welcome to Laura Darby and Joe Burgio.

:  Laura and Katie presented a talk at the Ohio Mosquito Control Association (OMCA) meeting in Richfield, Ohio.  Thanks to OMCA for giving us the opportunity to talk about our research and discuss ideas for future projects.

8/12/2012:  Thanks to our collaborator from Oxford, Dr. Stuart Wigby, for spending a month visiting our lab at Wooster.

8/06/2012:  Katie just returned from a visit to NIH to work with our collaborator, Jose Ribeiro.  

7/20/2012:  Hannah Olson presented the results of her summer research project at Wooster's HHMI student symposium.  Her poster was entitled "The Effect of Juvenile Hormone on Insemination Success in Aedes albopictus."  Great job Hannah!

:  Laura and her work with mosquitoes was featured on NPR's Exploradio program.  Click here to read "Mosquito Love" and listen to Laura's interview.

6/15/2012:  Harper Jocque won the runner-up prize for best student paper at the 2012 Animal Behavior Society Meeting. Congratulations Harper!