Year 11 Maths

Edexcel Maths GCSE 2015 (9-1)
The specification is always a great place to start. Use it as a checklist and ensure you know all topics listed in your relevant tier.

FGCS Resources:
Image result for drive logoGoogle Drive Resources: GCSE Maths and Statistics resources. The link will automatically update with new resources.
There are:
  • Exam Papers
    • Ideally, try to complete all of them
    • Modular papers are more challenging as they focus on particular strands hence questions tend to be more difficult. - Recommended
  • Questions by topic (95% are from previous exam papers)
    • One is a combined file with all the topics in one. Use the bookmarks to navigate
    • The other is specific questions in different files.
    • Some questions may overlap but both are excellent.
  • Statistics revision notes and guide
If you use your Google/Gmail account to log in, there should be an option to copy all the files to your Google Drive account.

Using these sites: These sites will have a lot of information, some of which may not be relevant to your the Edexcel GCSE Specification. Ideally, identify topics that you need guidance on and then use the sites to revise rather than going through all the content.
BBC Bitesize - Recommended 
Mr Barton Maths - Revision Guide E-Book with brief notes on almost all the topics (does not cover all - especially new GCSE). There are many other resources, such as quizzes etc. that may be very useful (link).
Project GCSE - Not all the topics but useful for some basics.
Revision Maths - Registration not required. If you do register (free) you can register for more access. Also, includes YouTube tutorials.
S-Cool - Registration not required, revision for each topic is free. Register (free) for questions and revision guide.

Tutorial Sites:
Mathswatch (9-1)  -  Recommended. Whenever you are stuck, ideally watch these videos, videos are by topic or grade and will include questions for you try. 
Youtube - Hegarty Maths - Catered towards a UK Syllabus - Associated with the videos is a website (free account needed) - which may help to navigate and includes a checklist.
Khan Academy - Excellent videos for maths topics in general, from basics to very advanced - but it is more catered towards USA syllabus.
Exam Solutions - Very Good and specific to UK Syllabus - Teaches topics using exam (or exam styled) questions.
MathsLearn Videos - YouTube Videos - Not used previously - please give me feedback if you like the videos or not.
Maths Genie - Contains video solutions to exam questions for almost all the topics (9-1), also has exam packs for each topic.

Question Packs
Mathswatch (9-1) - Use the online VLE (logins will be issued very soon) to access topics and their relevant worksheets. See the file below to get access to all the worksheets, by grade, in one file. See me or your teacher for the password to the file.
Targeted booklets (see attachments below) - packs with various topics with questions tiered at Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 5 and Grade 7. Maybe master the basics before you step up to the next pack. (Grade 9 coming soon hopefully)
Diagnostic Questions - RECOMMENDED - Join this website with the code (11YC1 - SC-LBGK75YQVFCX) ; you will get access to 100s of multiple choice questions which would be a great way to ensure mastery or even basics. There is a daily stream of questions that would be a great way to test your knowledge; many of the questions have been created by Edexcel themselves.
Maths Genie  - This incredible website has got exam questions by topics and grades. (Note: The questions packs have been added to the drive link)

Tried to revise the topic through one of the above means and cannot answer a question?
  • Feel free to come visit me in T26 or Maths Office before or after school, break times or lunch times. Or drop me an email mohammed.mangerah@ ...
  • During Lunch, In the Upper Break Space (or office)  there will most probably be a math teacher present to help you.
  • Or else: Go to any other maths teacher for help.

Finished a resource pack?
Think: Have I mastered this topic? If no: find more worksheets till you are confident you can tackle all types of this questions.
Come visit me to get it marked. Hopefully, I can help resolve any outstanding issues, give you a few more questions

Key Dates:
Ideally, by the end of January - learn all the topics - use the time after to master your knowledge by doing papers
Real Exam Dates:
  • GCSE Paper 1: Thursday 25th May 2017 (AM) - Non-Calc
  • GCSE Paper 2: Thursday 8th June 2017 (AM) - Calc
  • GCSE Paper 3: Tuesday 13th June 2017 (AM) - Calc
Interim Exams/Mocks:
 To be announced

11YC3 - QLA Guidance
Link: 11YC3 - QLA
  1. Pick a minimum three topics that are not green. 
  2. Print out/write out at least 10 challenging questions for that topic.
  3. Every Wednesday you will show me those three or more topics you have completed and I will update the QLA
    1. If you wish to move faster, please come see me as soon as you finish one topic so that I move you on.
  4. QLA updates are at my discretion - therefore ensure the questions are challenging enough.
  5. If you need resources, please come see me and I can provide you with packs.

Announcements / Updates

10/02/2017: New resources added to the google Drive folder.

15/12/16: All students have a MathsWatch login. 
Your username is your school username with @fgcs added to the end (e.g. mangm007.316@fgcs).
Your password is the same as your school password. 

More Guides, sites and packs to help you.

16/09/16: More Papers and resources added.

 Micro site created.

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