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„Let a complex system repeat itself long enough, eventually something surprising might occur.” BSG

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GARCH (Time series analysis for BA and Erasmus students)

2011-2012 spring semester

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lecture 01 (about market efficiency)

lecture 03 (about GARCH models)

lecture 04 (possible interpretations)

lecture 05 (about correlations)

lecture 07 (about cointegration and VAR)

pre-exam: 7th May 8:00-9:30 @KO104

exam: 30th May, 6th June 14:00-16:00 @KO104 

Complexity of the capital markets

2011-2012 spring semester

lecture 01 (about capital markets)

lecture 02 (about contagions and divergence)

lecture 03 (about the autonomy of monetary policy)

lecture 04 (about investment funds)

lecture 05 (about venture funds and their application)

lecture 06 (about pension system)

lecture 07 (about fundamental analyis) - you have to send me this essay until 1st July in e-mail!

lecture 08 (about liquidity)

lecture 09 (about swfs)


Capital markets - complex networks, bounded rationality... 01

complexity 02

complexity 03

complexity 04

complexity 05


01 (a complex and efficient markets)

02 (risk management and supervision)

03 (cross correlation among markets) [print]

04 (exchange rate in the global economy) [print]

05 (sovereign wealth funds) [print]

06 (monetary policy and államkötvénypiac) [print]

07 (MiFID and the reality)

09 (complex scale-free systems and capital markets in emerging countries)

European Economic and Monetary Union


01 (exchange rate regimes)

03 (ECB)


Longterm stability and Russian pension system


Faces of B-S effect, Poland and Slovenia

Essay titles for the exam

--> Faces of Ageing

--> Faces of Convergence


Reform of the Stability and Growth Pact, ECOFIN presentation

Financial Innovations, European banking, subprime crisis

Aging, effects on the labor market, pension system

Russia: economic and demographic background, reserves, Russia and the EU's 

External deficit, debt and euro adoption in the Visegrad countries

External deficits, the euro introduction in Slovenia and Poland, and aging


Project Management in the EU


PCM - Project Cycle Management

SWOT, steep analysis, problem-action-objective trees

Logframe, Gantt

Planning and management of human resources



Control, European Court of Auditors