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    Magic Particles an accelerometer fun app

  • Stick man[i-Chalky Clone] Testing on Progress in Symbian-Freak DEV Section

  • SMS Toolkit[SMS Counter]

  • Logger an Log  Backuper


 Applications Released:

   Also released for Nokia 5800

  • Siraj's X-SMS V 1.5 ---->2.0 NOW
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     Hi Freinds I am proud to present you the free! SMS backup software for s60v3 and s60v2 

 What's New in 2.0?

-Restore and Backup



Download it here : S60v3


Download it here :S60v2



Whats New In V 1.5:


Open signed can be used in all mobiles 

  • New Icon Added

  • Now The time of the SMS is also saved in the backup
  • Doc Format Backup
  • And Now the previously backuped Files are  stored in memory card by a new option in Menu
  • And Now Help file is also there for Newbies
  • and Screenshots Here!!

  • Cute Loading Screen....   
  • And More too

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Download V1.5 HERE

 Download the V1.5



For S60V2




Coming Soon



  • Pdf Format Backup[will be in V 2.5]
  • Language Support Like Russian,Arabic Soon as Possible

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X-SMS by Siraj

What is X-SMS?
Ever thought of backing up you memorable sms' in a cooler way inside a text or html file with sender and time listed? X-SMS is a s60 python application developed by our Symbian-freak developer and beta tester team member Siraj a.k.a Apache. The application is a complete FREEWARE to be distributed free and un-commercial usage and sharing.

Compatibility: both s60 v2 and s60 v3

What does X-SMS do?
X-SMS a small, fast, and reliable free utility to backup all of your sms inside your inbox

into one .txt or .html web page so that you can view them later and the memory of your

past time might just make you happy when you have a big downside-up frawn in your face.

Guess like one friend wrote you a very funny joke, or your loved ones sent lovely quotes,

X-SMS lets you read and recite to remember and enjoy. Very Happy

Requirements: two hands, a symbian phone, a smile, and python s60 updated runtime with script shells installed.

How to use X-SMS?
1> download your corresponding compatible copy of the app's installer and install it in your phone [ for s60 os9/9.1 users, you might need to sign the installer)

2> after installation is finished, the app will shortly appear on the menu, run it.



You Want python to run this app it can found here

1.FOR s60v2

---->Python1.4.5[click to download]

---->Script Shell[click to download]

2.For s60v3

----->Python[click to download]

------>Script Shell[click to download]

These are the screen shots of the app click the images for full view



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 I thank to all The friends IN SYMBIAN-FREAK.COM they helped me a lot and TEO [For his amazing Forum he is the owner too] ,Vinum bro for all helps, YKBKS for the amazing graphics,AVISEK  for the amazing text correction for s60v2 and WOOk[coding help]and Testers like AloyCasmir ,Darkzul Asterolykos Lifenexus and all Symbian-Freak who help me for this app!!!!






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