Southern Invitational



Southern Invitational...Good Times Remembered!

2012 SI Early Morning Photo Op by the Fire Pit!

L to R: John, Bowen, Jimbo, Matt, Tanner, Conrad, Perry, Craig, Don, Lloyd, Tom & Ted

2012 Various Team Photos
Top Left: Luke White & John White with Greg Schild & Rich Green
Top Right: Alex Whaling & Bob Stratton with Jeff Archer & Greg Archer
Bottom Left: John Morris & Jeff Chaves with Tanner Robinson & Conrad Graham
Bottom Right: Peter Herr & Mark Kebe with Lloyd Ford & Ben Bloodworth

2012 Fun for the Ages!
Clockwise: Joe Dudley, Mark Kebe and nephews, Taylor Bowen & Jimbo Galloway (SI Founders)
And then there's Bowen Marshall (He's not really drinking the Grins...his drink is close by!)

2010 SI Snow Storm!

 Tarp Covered Courts Saved the Day!

Yes, balls do bounce in 17 degree weather!


                         Onlookers, "Bud," "Wise," "Er" & "Biggie Z"        Brothers, Greg & Jeff Archer from Chapel Hill
                                                           (a.k.a. Bowen, Conrad, JC & Tanner)


The Famous Barrel of Fire!

"The Southern Invitational Warming Hut"

Ted, Matt, Craig & Forrest

2009 Southern Invitational

(several "late nighters" not pictured, but "Wake&Blow" made it!) 

3rd Place Match-up                        Hangin' by Fire Pit
Mark, Bob, Matt & Jimbo                Mark, Bob, Matt & Bowen


2009 "Bourbon Bowl" Face Off!
Chaves & Ross    vs   Andrews & Kluttz



2008 Southern Invitational

The Early Risers!


       Greg, Virginia, Tom & Kent        Blake, Mark, Patrick & Forrest



2006 Southern Invitational

(next to new warming hut!)


2005 Southern Invitational


     Rich, Mark, Mark & Alex                Matt, Timmy, Jay & Peter


Sid & Jimbo

"Come on man, we're playin' like two squirels on acid" - Sid

(Won the set 7-5 after quote was made at 0-5 in Richmond)



APTA President - Mark Fischel doing his version of the S.I. Shuffle!