Southern Invitational 

Platform Tennis Tournament

February 1, 2014 in Winston-Salem, NC
13th Annual Event!

Est. January 2002 - The South's Premier Platform Tennis Tournament

Southern hospitally provided by Winston-Salem's Paddle Enthusiasts!

Southern Invitational Platform Tennis Tournament

Welcome to our tournament website.  Hopefully you will find everything you need to know about our tournament and more! 

Please join us for this year's 13th Annual Southern Invitational on February 1, 2014!   We are the South's Premier Platform Tennis Tournament and we hope you will join us for the winter's best weekend!  Our tournament is hosted by Winston-Salem, NC's paddle enthusiasts and we guarantee a good time for all!!

Sign Up Information:

For an application click here or visit the APTA website to download an application for this year's tournament.  Come on yall, it'll be a blast!

The application has details about this year's exciting event or you can contact the Tournament Director at the following:

(336) 692-2848


2013 Southern Invitational Finalists:

2012 Southern Invitational Finalists:

Champions: Brian Safford & Ben Zink, Jimbo, Finalists: Peyton Lawson & Marc Marcuson 

2010 Southern Invitational Finalists:

Jon Janda, Greg Archer, Sid Hanes & Jimbo Galloway


2009 Southern Invitational Finalists

Forrest Butler, Carter Hoerr, Mark Tulenko & Tim Mullen

2007 Southern Invitational Finalists

Jay Bailey, Peter Lauer, Jimbo Galloway & Tim McAvoy