SIP Inspector Pro

* Version 3.30 released on Dec/16/2014
* Check out 3.xx review video tutorial with new features shown


It has been about 5 years since the first SIP Inspector was released. Over time, I have been improving it to turn it into a simple yet very capable tool. It can be used in various situations and is powerful enough to do load testing and test automation. It has been my pleasure to see people show interest and use it over years. Employees in industry's leading companies use it on a daily basis. While it pleased me to see the program become popular, rarely did I receive financial gratification for the time and effort put in its development. Thanks to all who supported me so far. You know who you are. For your good deeds you will be given licenses for free. From today on, SIP Inspector is a paid program and can no longer be used for free.

SIP Inspector Pro is an alternative to SIPp.

SIP Inspector is a must have for:
  • SIP signaling troubleshooting
  • Interoperability and conformance testing
  • Hard to reproduce signaling scenarios
  • Stress testing
  • Learning tool
  • Regression testing
  • Emulate particular SIP server or clients
  • Automatically handles multiple scenarios serially
  • Multiple dialogs per scenario
  • Handles multiple concurrent calls (dialogs)


SIP Inspector was conceived in June 2008. As a SIP developer, I struggled with simulating 'rainy day scenarios'. At the time, other available packages were either too expensive or were free but too complicated to use. The main inspiration behind creating SIP Inspector was the ease of use. The goal was to get people work with it in just a few minutes. It can also be used to get familiar with SIP and explore this signaling protocol in more details.