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About me

I was born in 1972 in Hungary and also I have been living here in this nice Europian country. I met with computers when I was 12, so my IT-life started at that time. First I used to useZ80 based computers (Sinclair Spectrum, HT1080Z, Videoton TVC) later started to get to know x86 based PC-s (XT, AT, later Pentium, etc) and in 1995 I bought my first internet access. My internet life started...

I am a geek. I have learned almost everything by myself because this style of getting knowledge is the most enjoyable way for me. I like to dig deeply in the IT issues I came across and see how things work, how I can do it myself, how can I reproduce it or make a better one or just anotherone what fits my needs more properly. I could not say I am a highly educated and highly professional IT expert but I like what I do, and always want to do it the best way I can. Do you feel the difference?

Here is a list of areas where I think I have reasonable expertise:
  • Windows XP
  • MS Office (Expert knowledge including VBA for Excel and Access)
  • Linux (administering, operating, scripting | bash, awk and others)
  • HTML+CSS+Javascript (+JQuery): creating, editing, designing, bughunting/fixing
  • CMS systems (Xoops, e107, Joomla and many more), installing, administering, operating, fixing
  • Graphic design using Gimp/Photoshop, Inkscape (logos, icons, webdesigns, themes, guis, and more)
  • PHP, Python knowledge
That's all in short. If you need more or some examples, please use the links in the Menu on the left.

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