pjsipWrapper is a functional interface exporting the highest level of pjsip.org SIP stack. Providing simple programming bidirectional interface it's especially suitable for softphone applications/GUIs. The portability on various platforms make it even more usable. 

See instructions on how to build pjsipWrapper for:

The interface is bidirectional. The requests from user application are mapped to exported functions, the events reported from SIP stack are declared as callbacks. In order to intercept the events user has to register his own callback functions (or delegates in C#). The pjsipWrapper provide a simple structure with most common configuration properties. Other configuration properties are signalled as parameters in functions. 

pjsipWrapper Configuration (pjsipConfig.cs):
  • SIP listening port
  • Registration Expire (timeout) 
  • Stun Server
  • EC (Echo Cancelation) 
  • VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
  • Event polling