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Sipek gives you the insight into VoIP, Internet telephony and other related technologies. The focus is on SIP solutions that help developers to understand and create VoIP applications...

is a name for a group of projects related to VoIP technologies. The story dates back in year 2001 when first VoIP project was started. The idea for open source VoIP projects arose in 2007 and was inspired by an excellent open source project  - Read more about Sipek history here.

Sipek Softphone was downloaded over 20.000 times!

Join the Sipek discussions at Sipek Discussion Group.

SipekSdk the heart of all Sipek projects. SipekSDK is a small VoIP Software Development Kit written in C#. The goal is to offer simple and easy to use API for VoIP developers. SipekSDK accelerates the development of VoIP based applications with your own GUI and brand name. It's really easy to incorporate SipekSDK controls into your applications. SipekSdk combines SIP signalling and audio features of stack into single library. 

Sipek Softphone

Sipek Softphone is a SIP phone & messaging client based on SipekSdk. Combining voice calls, instant messaging and presence in an intuitive user interface, Sipek Softphone takes you into the world of Voice over IP.

Latest version 0.3 (dec 2008)! Download it now!

Sipek Mobile (for Windows Mobile devices) 

Sipek Mobile is a mobile version of Sipek softphone client. Designed for windows mobile devices, Sipek Mobile adds a new dimension to the VoIP applications. 

pjSip Wrapper project

...a simple plain "C" interface to the highest level of SIP stack. The project output is a dynamic library. For a detailed description of pjsipWrapper read this.

Instant Softphone tutorial

Sipek Instant Softphone project is a trivial Softphone example. See the tutorial.

Sipek Mobile Tutorial

SipekSdk supports windows mobile platforms too. For more information read this.

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Recent Announcements

  • Sipek contributors welcome As you may have noticed I retired from Sipek development (a year ago or more). Since Sipek open source project is still getting attention among users and especially developers I ...
    Posted 1 Oct 2010, 06:43 by Sasa Coh
  • Sipek Softphone 0.3 reached 3000 downloads The Sipek Softphone application reached 3000 downloads from the official site this week in less than 6 months. The Sipek Softphone version 0.3 was released on 3rd of december ...
    Posted 16 Apr 2009, 01:04 by Sasa Coh
  • Sipek Mobile Project is opened  A new member of sipek family is here. It's a SipekSdk based softphone running on windows mobile devices. See Sipek Mobile project for more details. 
    Posted 28 Jan 2009, 03:19 by Sasa Coh
  • News: Instant Softphone Tutorial New Sipek developer's tutorial added. It's a showcase of simplicity building Softphones with SipekSdk. View more...
    Posted 14 Nov 2008, 13:24 by Sasa Coh
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Sources & Downloads

Sipek projects are hosted at google code project hosting. See below for Sipek Softphone and SipekSdk project home pages:

Source Code

See links below to some Sipek projects source code trunks. Use the Tortoise SVN
or other SVN client to download/checkout sources:


All Sipek projects are released under GPL2 license. Read more..