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Our vending machines can prove to your employees that you care and  appreciate them which results in higher productivity.

Our friendly service and convenient snacks and beverages saves your employee's precious time by not having to leave work place. (Have you ever counted how many minutes it takes for one employee to go to convenience store/cafeteria, wait in line for service and get back to work? Do you dare to multiply the time by the number of employees?)

Our vending machines can hold both snacks and beverages in one convenient location which saves space and avoids bulky traditional pop machines. (1 machine instead of 2)
We always listen to our customers about requested refreshments selection including the variety of Healthier Choices
Our vending machines accept new and old Canadian coins.
Satisfaction guaranteed
If for any reasnon you don't believe our vending machine has helped your business or your staff simply don't like it, then call us and we will arrange to pick up the vending machine.