meets Wednesdays 12:00-1:00
Active Generations - 2300 W. 46th St. - Sioux Falls, SD

Lions are men and women who serve as volunteer members of clubs grouped under international and state organization.  We enjoy fellowship, develop leadership capacities and dedicate part of our free time to help those in need.  We focus on trying to make our communities better places to live.

Our Club works in volunteer service projects that range from serving breakfast at The Banquet, helping build and place a Habitat for Humanity home, making sandwiches at Lunch is Served, building a handicapped wheelchair ramp for an individual, working at Y's Buys and many other projects in our community.

We raise money to assist in the purchase of glasses, hearing aids and other assistive devices for people in need.


In Sioux Falls the 4 Lions Clubs partner together with Community Health and hold Vision Clinics the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at the Community Health Clinic at 521 N. Main.
If you need assistance getting an eye exam and glasses please go to the health clinic and fill out the application.  Since the Lions assistance is based on financial need this is your first step.  If you qualify the clinic will give you an appointment card for the next "eye clinic" day.

 Our Club

Sioux Empire Lions define PRIDE.....

A group of Lions is characterized as a "Pride"

For Sioux Empire Lions, "PRIDE" not only defines a community of Lions but "PRIDE"  also describes a value and philosophy that motivates the club to stay active and seek to fulfill the Motto 

    "WE SERVE"