1...Private home in Stanley, Va....No known prior history of hauntings. Photo anomolies...(Read more about this investigation at Ghost Writer)

2...Private family cemetery.....No findings.

3...Wooded cemetery and pond in Pine Grove, Va. Legend: A woman walking around the pond and a horse drawn wagon. Both reported during daylight. We recorded orb activity only.

4. Covered Bridge, Mt. Jackson, Va...History: Body of murdered girl was found. Civil War Soldiers were marched through to be hung on other side. (We are researching this). Previously, SIVA members had seen a shadow of a man possibly wearing a cape at the end of the bridge. Their daughter had a personal experience of being touched. During our investigation we had no EMF or EVP activity to report. We recorded only orb activity.

5. Private home in Brandywine, WV...Legends: Lights, blue mists, and voices. During our investigation, we had no EMF or EVP activity to report. A member experienced a heaviness of a room during an EVP session. (Read more about this investigation at Ghost Writer)

6. Cemetery in Fort Valley, Va...No known history. No reportable activity

7. Catherines Furnace, Va...History: This furnace was used during the Civil War to melt metal and make bullets. Legend: Devil came up from Hell and left hand prints on the furnace surface. Orb activity only.

8. Pine Grove Pond (2nd Visit) No activity to report

9. Red House, Waynesboro, Va....Legends: It was reported to us that children were heard running around the home, that possibly children were killed in a closet by abuse or by fire. Lights would turn off and on, the main breaker would turn off when no one was home. A ceiling light fixture fell and broke and the attic door had unlatched itself and was found hanging loose. Personal Experiences: One member heard a "Hello". We recorded high and unusual EMF throughout the living room, multiple EVPs, and had odd problems with equipment. Read about this investigation in "Ghost Writer".

10. Coaltown Inn Mission, Iaeger, WV...Legends: A television in one of the rooms comes on at 9:00pm and changes the station to a specific show, the Red Room door comes open on its own accord, and voices have been heard. We had no activity to report on this investigation.

11, Private Home, Williamsburg, VA... HISTORY: This home is dated back to late 1700s-early 1800s, from what we can figure from the architect as well as the family graveyard near by. A young family was in the process of renovating the home when we were allowed to spend the night. LEGENDS: "Old Man Hubbard" was said to walk the stairs in this house. It wasn't reported to be extremely haunted. We had some equipment to test and the home was made available to us. OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: one member heard footsteps coming down the stairs but no one was walking. FINDINGS: We picked up one EVP of a female saying "Where's Dotty?". We picked up a visual in one of the two bedrooms of a strange light shooting across the room. We could not recreate this or explain it. THE REVEAL: The owners didn't really want to know what we found, so we never sat down with them with our findings. We did ask who Dotty was and the family was shocked that we came up with that name. It seems that she was the mistress of Mr. Hubbard and she is still alive in a nursing home. The room with the lights was the room Mr. Hubbard died in. It is now a baby's room and the baby talks to some one in that room that can't be seen. The woman of the house has reported actually seeing the apparition of a man and Mr. Hubbard still walks down his stairs.

12. The Sprouse House, Staunton, VA...HISTORY: This location was very active during the Civil War. The home was built on what was once a pig farm. LEGENDS: The female owner of the home has reported much activity. Items are moved constantly, she has seen shadows of people, reflections in a mirror in the basement, she has been touched, has heard running feet, and has her house destroyed when she renovates a room. We did not get to talk to the male owner of the home, but our understanding is that he does not believe in paranormal activity and has not had any personal experiences that he will acknowledge. OUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: four of our female investigators were either touched or had our hair pulled gently. We heard the jingling of bells which we discovered to be nuts and bolts in a plastic envelope on the floor of the basement. It would jingle on command, and jingled while we were watching it. No one or nothing was moving it. We checked for breeze and there was none. Other movement noises were heard, but we could not prove any of them to be paranormal. One of our male investigators heard a womans voice outside while he was sitting on the porch. She asked if he could hear her. We did not detect any unusual EMF readings.One female picked up mists on her digital camera, again from the basement where we had our activity. EVPs: A woman saying "help", and "A bit of it" after one of our investigators was commenting on the refections of the mirror. After one of the investigators commented on the fact the spirit liked to pull hair, we picked up "Hell yeah" in a males voice. No male investigator was in the basement at the time.  A woman responded that her name was "Bridget". 

We reported to the home owner that her house had paranormal activity and a house blessing will be conducted at her request. 

13. Weston WV---Data coming

14. Moundsville Penitentiary, Moundsville, WV...HISTORY: This prison had the reputation in the USA for being the worse penitentiary. Conditions were horrible, and there were some bad characters there. It opened in 1876 and closed in 1995. In the course of time, there were fires, riots, murders, suicides, and executions. It is reported that a lot of paranormal energy still exists and the spirits are very active. LEGENDS: It is reported that shadow people have been seen in the halls. There is a story of an apparition digging in the "Sugar Shack". It is believed that the Sugar Shack is built over what was once a grave yard, so the apparition is still "digging graves". Phantom lights have been seen in the court yard. "Red", the worse of the worse has been known to be very vocal. One of the ex-guards reported that as she was cleaning up after a Saturday night lock-in, she was walking past Red's cell and heard him say "Good Morning, Maggie". She automatically responded back "Good morning, Red" and then she realized that she was working the day he was murdered by another inmate, so she knew he was dead. There are many stories from this prison. You can read more at INVESTIGATION: This was not a formal investigation. The penetentiary offers tours for a price and so with the noise of others and not being able to bring in the equipment we usually use, we were not as controlled as we usually are at an investigation. We did however collect some data that we found interesting. One of the woman in our group was pushed by hands unseen while in the boiler room where a "snitch" was murdered by other inmates. We did collect some interesting EVPs. In the Wagon Gate, where it was believed that the gallows were, a member asked for a name and got Carl Monroe. In Reds cell, it was asked what he did to pass the time and we heard "I gotta take a nap". Also in Red's cell, when myself and a fellow investigator were discussing collecting data and hoping we catch some evidence our recorder picked up "I'm still alive." 

15. Weems-Botts Museum, Dumfries, Virginia.... HISTORY: Mason Weems built a portion of the house in the 1700s. He was the first biographer of George Washington and invented the Cherry Tree Myth. The building was originally used as a bookstore. Attorny Benjamin Botts was a member of the defense team for Aaron Burr and the building was used as his law office. In the Victorian era, the Merchant family expanded the house and it is believed that they are the spirits that haunt the house. The Merchants' older daughter, Mamie, suffered from epilepsy and was kept hidden away in an upstairs bedroom until she died during a seizure in 1906 at age 23. The younger daughter, Violet, had a job and a fiancé but had to leave them both after her father's death, because protocol at the time called for the youngest child to care for her widowed mother. Violet Merchant took care of her mother for a half-century, then lived in the house until her death in 1968. ( LEGENDS: The tour guides told us of many personal experiences that they have had, as well as stories they have heard. The told of a doll moving on its own, windows opening and closing during a tour, a closet door in Mamies room that opens and closes on its own, people being pushed, as well as an apparition of a man in what was Violets room. INVESTIGATION: The building is not very big, so we had cameras and digital recorders set up in every room. We also took photos out in the park where apparitions of soldiers have been reported. One of our investigators caught a blue mist of what looked to be a woman sitting next to a tree. The clothing looked to be Victorian. Before the investigation formally started, some of our investigators were downstairs having the guides listen to some of our older EVPs. The house is small, the conversation was loud and the evps caught was a man telling us to get out. The louder the conversation got, the louder he got and it was repeated 4 times. (update: we think this was just a distortion of the other evps. We are throwing this out as evidence) I was in Violets room at that time and caught a dark mist on my camara.  On the digital recorder a woman told us to "Get out of my house".Two different child voices were picked up as was the name Harvey, which no one could explain. He had no known history to the house.  The only person that had a personal experience was the tour guide who stayed the night with us. She was asleep in the store section of the museum and was woken up. Above her head was some odd lights that she couldn't explain. Some of us were outside taking photos but we were not at the spot that our lights would have come into that room. She said it was three pinpointed lights. We actually caught them same type of lights on one of our video cameras in the room that some of us fell asleep in. It was the living room section of the Victorian part of the house. We also had some occassional fuzziness of the camera, that would disappear when one of us sat up or moved around. That lasted for a short time and we have no explaination on what would have caused it. Later, looking at my photos, I caught a black mass coming down the stairs from Violet's room. In my series of photos, it came down and got closer to me, then went back up. We feel this building is haunted.

16. Kite-Miller House Museum,Elkton, Virginia...HISTORY: The Miller Kite House served as the headquarters of General Stonewall Jackson from April 19-30 1862. The museum features many items from the Civil War era and some articles belonging to Jackson. The house was built in 1827 by Henry Miller, Jr. LEGENDS: There has been reports for years that this building is haunted. A construction worker was scared while working on renovations. Several paranormal groups have investigated. There are bumps and bangs and voices reported.There have been complaints about the kitchen being active..  INVESTIGATION: We asked to set up for a filming with NBC News and did a mini-investigation in the museum. It was first discovered that the Electromagnetic Fields in the kitchen were too high to be healthy. That would cause the feeling of discomfort, the feeling of being watched. When the reporter was in the Stonewall Jackson room, all the EMF detectors and geiger counters went off. We could not determine the cause of the activity. No cameras were setting it off. No particular person was either. During our EVP session in that room, the EMF detector seemed to be going of to certain questions or words. We never could determine the cause and we never got voice to collaborate any answers. When Tracey came in and said something about a hospital the meter got very active. We collected a few EVPs from downstairs. "Thank you", "Let's get out of here", and "Hello". We didn't not come out of that building saying that it was definately haunted. We would like to spend a whole night there and do some experimenting with the data we did collect.

17. Weems-Botts Museum, Dumfries, Virginia (2nd visit): We were honored to go back to this wonderful museum. We gave two lectures before going back to the museum for the investigation. The history and legend can be read above. INVESTIGATION: We placed real time cameras in the four rooms of the house, and recorded to view later in the annex of the museum. We had digital recorders running throughout the night in both buildings also. The annex does not have any stories of hauntings and we experienced nothing and captured no evidence there. Last time we caught a blue mist in the park, but picked up no evidence there this time. The main house was active. Three investigators were going up the stairs into the room that was Violet Merchants, and a loud sound was heard. We pinpointed it to be a cast iron boot hanger that was sitting on the floor. We tried to recreate the noise but couldn't. It happened three times as people were going up the steps, but wouldn't happen every time. Jumping on the floor wouldn't make the noise. We never did figure it out. While sitting in that room, we heard what sounded like a bouncing ball falling from the bed. There was nothing on the floor. One investigator went to the spot where the sound was coming from. She would get a blast of cold air then the noise. The noise was made on command. It went on all night and could be heard from downstairs when no one was upstairs. One investigator thought she heard an audible voice when she was setting up a camera in the palor. We did not capture any visual. Once again our EVPs were good. Two investigators were discussing a settee in the parlor. Was it there before or was it taken out before we got there? A man said "Tonsilectomy". It doesn't make any sense but it is very clear. Investigator Daniel had his name mentioned, as did one of the curators of the museum that was with us. From one of the bedrooms a man says "Gentleman come to ground" which we were told later was a command to go to a designated safe place for a meeting. Again, we found this building to be actively haunted.

18. Private Home, Luray, Virginia...HISTORY: This private home has a cemetery for a back yard. Unfortunately, only a small portion had been fenced in and saved. The other headstones have been removed. The family have documented proof that there are over a hundred graves in this plot of land. LEGENDS: We were told that the garage is the most active spot. There was always a feeling of unease, older music playing with no known source, noises, items moving, and voices. In the middle of the night a baby cries inside the house and no baby resides there. There was a spot in the back yard that would not grow grass. We could tell by the boxwoods and some fence line markings that part of the cemetery was here. INVESTIGATION: Most of our focus was on the garage and the back yard, since the family was in the home throughout the night. We did spend time in the basement, were we found some pockets of high EMF, which could cause some of the unease felt there. We didn't catch any visuals on our digital cameras inside or outside. In the garage, however, during the time cameras were being set up, some boxes began to move. We couldn't find any explanation for it. There was some very high EMF coming for the radio that was plugged into the wall and that could cause some of the unease that is felt there. We had an incident where one of our real time cameras was physically turned around and pushed off of its stand. We could find no cause for it. No one was in the room or near the cord. We captured an EVP of a woman that said "They can't help me" and a man saying "Get them out of here".FOLLOW-UP: We advised the family to set up some sort of memorial for the buried individuals that were placed here to rest. The made a sweet plaque, set out a statue of the Virgin Mary, and planted some flowers. The flowers are blooming beautifully, and finally grass is growing in this barren spot. After some more research on their home, they found that there was a murder/suicide that took place in the 30s or 40s. A man killed his child and wife, then killed himself. We all felt after finding this out, that these were the spirits that haunted this home. The family called in spiritual healers who seemed to have removed the spirits and put them to rest. (our group does not personally validate this. We were not present for the healing and we have not conducted a follow-up investigation)

19. Miller-Kite Museum, Elkton, Virginia (2nd Visit)...History and Legends above. INVESTIGATION: We did not have a news reporter this time, so there was less distraction when we conducted the investigation. There was a raging storm outside with a lot of lightening so we were curious to see if that would bring more paranormal activity. There was a real time system set up downstairs, which was constantly watched with no activity spotted. No activity was seen on the videos that were watched later on. Two of us settled in the Stonewall Jackson office and spent most of the night there. While conducting evp work, we audible heard a loud noise in the corner. We assumed it was a camera box that settled. We later determined that we could not reconstruct the same noise. Near the same spot later on, a loud boot stomp sounded. Again, we could not determine the cause of it. Our EMF detectors did not go off to determine any change in electromagnetic in the atmosphere of the room. We did have drastic temperature drops that came and went. One investigator kept seeing a shadow move in the corner of the room, but we never got it on camera. We started discussing pie again, with the idea that any man who fought in the Civil War would miss his mothers homemade pie. After that conversation passed, we captured the EVP "Bring me pie" clearly in a man's voice. No man was in the room with us at the time. Our junior investigator of the night heard a man sigh. That was captured on recording but the cause was not determined. At various times, in various parts of the house, the smell of gunpowder and roses were present. At one time, there was a group of us together in a room, and both smells seemed to "join" us. The temperature of the room dropped dramatically to the point we were shivering. Was this paranormal? I would like to think it was, but we have no way of proving it to be. We did find a flower scented room freshener hidden in the kitchen which could be the cause of the flower smell, although it wasn't rose scent. There could have been more around the house. The gunpowder could have been caused from the lightening storm from outside. We still have not come from this museum saying it is definately haunted, but it is a fun place to visit.