Dan Burnett--From Dayton, Ohio. First memory of paranormal was seeing an apparition that my parents dismissed as the imagination of a freightened child.






Tracey Burnett--From Atlantic Highlands, NJ. I became interested in the paranormal because I grew up in a haunted house.  The more experiences I had, the more I became curious and wanted to find an explanation. I hope to dedicate the rest of my life in search of the truth behind the paranormal and to help others that are experincing the same things I did as a child.





Rhonda Steele--From Grand Junction, Co.

I saw my first apparition when I was 5 years old and have had encounters with the paranormal kind ever since. My fascination has lead me to collect ghost stories ans start writing a book. I have started ghost hunting to try to find answers but now I am only asking more questions.








Lana Fuller--





Janet Howdyshell









Gary Puffenbarger





Clint Strawderman









David Kennedy