Equipment our group uses on a ghost hunt.


          One of the first basic needs of a ghost hunter is a camera. Almost everyone has one these days. Our group uses digital cameras because you get instant results. However, if you don't have a digital camera, a regular one will do. Some of the most famous unexplained phenomena were captured on film before digital cameras even exsisted. It's a good idea to take tons of pictures because you never know the exact moment you may catch something anomalous on film. It is also a good idea to take several pictures in a row. You may capture something in one picture and in the second one, it may be gone. When using a digital camera, you will want to keep all of your photos until you download them to your computer. You just can't see much on a viewing screen about two inches wide. Make sure at the start of your ghost hunt that you have a fully charged camera and fresh batteries if you need them. It is not uncommon for your batteries to get drained. One of the theories is that when ghosts try to interact, they draw energy from surrounding sources and batteries can really take a hit.

When do we use a camera?  Anytime on a ghost hunt. Just try to refrain from blinding anyone with your flash!

How do we use a camera? We should all know how to use a camera but, there are a couple of things that should be addressed here: 

 1. ORBS

     Our group doesn't put a whole lot of faith in orbs because the margin of error is so great. Orbs can be dust, moisture from rain, mist etc., or bugs, We have gotten very few orb pictures that we were actually impressed with. 

2. Flash reflection

   Make sure that you stand at an angle when taking photos of mirrors, windows,or of anything that may have a reflective surface. Some newer tombstones may even have shiny surfaces and will create a light glare.

Why we use a camera?

 This is pretty much explanatory!  Happy ghost hunting!!!

                             AUDIO RECORDERS

The best way to collect great EVPs or electronic voice phenomena, is to invest in a decent audio recorderer. If you go to the dollar store and buy a cheap one.. don't expect to get fantastic results. In fact, our group uses digital recorders and for a couple of reasons. When you use digital recorders, you don't get that internal whirring sound that you get from magnetic tape recorders and you are eliminating the possibilty that the tapes you use are not going to cause a bleed over effect after too much use. Digital recorders are also very proficient. You can download them to your desktop or laptop and with the right programs, you can pull out just the sound files you want. I use a Sony IC recorder and several people in our group use RCAs. The Sony recorders cost about 40 dollars but, for another 20 dollars you can have the software to be able to download it. It is definately worth the investment. The Sony IC recorders also have an internal white noise. White noise is any constant noise (static, background music, or anything that creates a constant sound) It is theorized that entities use energy from the surrounding area to be able to manifest.. White noise acts as a boost for them to get energy to talk.

When do we use an audio recorder?

Our group uses them on every investigation. Some us will carry them and we also place them in areas of suspected paranormal activity. I have gotten great results just turning on a recorder and letting it sit in one spot. Remember to keep an eye on your batteries. I never had a problem until our last invetigation. I made sure the batteries I was using were brand new. I set down a recorder and someone later dicovered the batteries were run down about an hour later. When I got home and checked the recording it had only recorded about 4 minutes before it wore down!

Why do we use audio recorders?

It is theorized that EVPs are disembodied voices that are below the level of human hearing and we are able to pick them up on recording devices. When we complete an investigation, it takes us hours to go through the audio afterward to see if we have picked up anything. Using recorders is key in finding out just who might be haunting an area. We have actually gotten names on our recordings!

How we use audio recorder?

Our group keeps our recorders turned on during an entire investigation. I guess there is no set way to collect EVPs but, some groups will only have them turned on when they sit and do an EVP session. They will sit and try to elicit responses by asking questions. We do the same but keep the recorders on the whole time we are at a location. We have gotten some pretty amazing EVPs that way! You can listen to some of the ones we have gotten right here on our webpage(if you haven't already!) I will be adding some more this weekend for you to enjoy!

                      Happy Ghost Hunting!!

                             EMF Detectors

 Most of, if not all of our ghost hunting equipment is not used specifically for ghost hunting. An EMF detector, or electromagnetic field detector is one example. EMF detectors are used for either commercial or personal use to detect high EMF which can be detremental to your health. High EMF readings have been known to cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even strong feelings of paranoia and hallucinations. Using an EMF detector during a ghost hunt can help debunk claims of apparitions, and the sense of being watched. Some people are more sensitive to EMF than others.

             It is theorized that spirits depend on the energy around them to manifest. One theory is that in doing so, they will effect the electromagnetic field as well. This is where an EMF detector comes into play as a ghost hunter. At the start of each ghost hunt, we have someone get base line readings in each room of the house or building. If we get a baseline of zero and later on we  pick up readings on the EMF detector, we will try to determine what might be causing these readings.We may try an EVP session or take pictures if we think there may be paranormal activity around us.

             There are certain things we need to be aware of when using an EMF detector. Anything electronic will give off high readings. Also, if you in an older house the doesn't have updated wiring, you will also get high readings. In this case, it is not a good idea to depend on an EMF detector.

When do we use an EMF detector?

     At the start of every ghost hunt, we will get a baseline reading of all the rooms of the house or area we will be in. This will allow us to establish what the EM field is for the surrounding area to later determine if the EM field is possibly being effected paranormally.

How do we use an EMF detector?

   Again, we establish baseline readings. We do a sweep of the room from top to bottom and also side to side and make sure we have covered it all. We also check anything in that room that may be cause for high EMF readings. For example, stereos, microwaves, televisions or anything electronic that we may be able to unplug or turn off. The detector will also tell us if the high reading may be the cause of a homeowners problems.

Why do we use an EMF detector?

Basically, we use it to rule out high EMF fields that may be effecting the homeowners in some way, and to detect fluctuations in the EMF field that may be condusive to paranormal activity.