IrishMex Rebel
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My name is Joseph Laughon, where I often go by the psuedonym of "IrishMex Rebel" in it's various forms. I am an American citizen, a Protestant Christian, a libertarian-conservative, a supporter of Irish Republicanism and Scottish nationalism, along with several other independence movements. I enjoy writing, poetry, art, politics, religion and so forth. Have fun.

My Websites

My Xanga
My Myspace

Political Movements I Support*

The Republican Party (US)
Republican Liberty Caucus
Garvaghy Road Resident's Coalition
Scottish Enterprise Party
Progressive Democrats (IRE)
Irish Republicanism
Sinn Fein

Websites I Like

Rebirth of Freedom
Cato Institute
Men in Kilts
United Irelander
KFI Radio

Great Documents
The Constitution (US)
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Arbroath
The Constitution of Ireland 1937
Poblacht na hÉireann
Bunreacht Dála Éireann
El Grito de Dolores

My Writings
The All-Ireland View
The Great Irish Divide?
My Aff Case for Democracy
My Testimony
The Iraq War (last touches still being placed)
My Marred Savior
My Riding Partner

*Note: I support the main goals of these organizations but not necessarily all of their means or history