How to Sponsor the Barry F. Beck Sinkhole Conference Student Scholarship

Up to 10 Barry Beck Scholarships may be awarded for a Sinkhole Conference. One is funded from the conference budget and the rest depend on donations. Donations fall into the following categories:

    1) Sponsor: A donation of $1,500 or more allows the award to be labeled with the donor’s name, such as Acme Corporation – Beck Scholarship. The donor will be distinguished in this manner in all recognitions and announcements of the student’s scholarship, including the conference program and website. If the donation exceeds $1,500, additional awards will be given in $1,500 increments. Any excess funds will go into the…

    2) General Beck Scholarship Fund: This fund is for donations less than $1,500. Donors will be acknowledged in the conference program and website. Money in this fund will be carried until the total is sufficient to support a scholarship and will be spent for the next Sinkhole Conference with a qualifying student.

Supporting students through this scholarship provides them the opportunity to grow substantially as scientists, learn more about the significant challenges of karst environments, and to establish personal connections with potential employers and partners in future cave and karst research. We hope you will support them. Donations may be made online or by contacting Suzanna Langowski.