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13th Sinkhole Conference 
Abstract Topics

Karst Development & Mapping 
  • The Formation of Karst and Sinkholes
  • Engineering and environmental issues associated with evaporite karst 
  • Applications of Geophysics for Investigating Karst 
  • New Geotechnical Investigation Techniques for Karst 
  • GIS Mapping and Computer Databases of Karst Features 
  • Karst Imaging 

 Proactive and Remedial Engineering
 in Karst Terrain 
  • Foundation Design and Construction, Shallow or Deep
  • Dams and Impoundments
  • Engineering Human Infrastructure in Karst 
  • Sinkhole Mitigation and Repair 
  • Grouting Techniques 
  • Low Permeability Barriers

Karst Water Resource Management
  • Hydrology and Water Resource Management of Karstic Aquifers of Southern New Mexico and West Texas 
  • Groundwater Tracing 
  • Storm Water & Waste Water Management 
  • Contaminant Monitoring and Remediation in Karst 
  • Modeling Groundwater Flow in Karst 
  • Planning and Regulation