During the conference, a van shuttle will be available at no additional cost to transport conference attendees to and from the two conference hotels, the Fairfield Inn and Stevens Inn. Van and bus transportation will also be provided for all field trips and short courses during the conference.


            A van shuttle will also be provided to transport attendees from the El Paso, Texas airport on Monday May 6 at 4 p.m., and back to the airport on Friday afternoon, May 10 leaving Carlsbad at 1 p.m. (Mountain Time Zone), when the conference is over. This service is available for an additional $115 over the basic cost of registration. A limited number of seats are available on this shuttle and will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. Because of the distance to Carlsbad (~240 km, or 150 miles) the shuttle will only make one airport trip on the 6th and 10th. Unfortunately, if you are not able to join the shuttle at the scheduled times or your flight is late or cancelled, you will be responsible for arranging your own transportation to Carlsbad. Shuttle fees will not be refunded due to canceled or late flights.


            The trip from the El Paso airport to Carlsbad, New Mexico will cross the northern end of the Chihuahua Desert, the third largest desert in the western hemisphere. During the trip, passengers will have the opportunity to view outcrops of Permian and Cretaceous carbonates in the Hueco Mountains, and gypsum playa deposits in the Salt Basin graben. After crossing the Salt Basin, the route will take us around the southern prong of the Guadalupe Mountains and spectacular views of El Capitan and Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in the state of Texas. Reef and forereef deposits of the Capitan Formation are exposed in the southeast escarpment of the Guadalupe Mountains at El Capitan and near the headquarters of Guadalupe Mountains National Park at Pine Springs. Shortly after entering New Mexico, the shuttle will cross the Castile gypsum solution front, where annual varves are preserved in gypsum roadcuts of the Castile Formation at the famous State Line outcrop. Shuttle passengers will observe substantial oil and gas drilling activity as we pass Whites City, the gateway to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. The entire trip will take approximately 3 hours, including a stop to photograph El Capitan along the way.