*NOTE* this event was held during 1st to 7th of September 2014


Sinhala Translate Week is a week declared in purpose of improving the translation efficiency of Sinhala language in Google Translate. The sole purpose is to get people to contribute to Google Translate via newly introduced Google Translate Community (https://translate.google.com/community).


1st to 7th of September 2014

How can you participate?

There are three ways you can support Sinhala Translate Week. You can just contribute when you are free, attend a Translate Marathon near you or if you are really really Googly enough you can host a Translation Run. Find more details about them below.

- Get registered as a contributor.

Visit Contributor Registration section of this site and get registered as a contributor.

- Translate and win

Visit https://translate.google.com/community and contribute to Sinhala language during 1st to 7th of Septemper. People with most number of contributions will stand chances to win prizes from Google. (Note : Only the registered contributors are eligible to win prizes. So don't forget to get registered! Also don't forget to join Sinhala translate online communities and use #SinhalaTranslateWeek in every post you make on social media related to Translate Week.

Join Sinhala translate online communities through following links. - Google+ : http://goo.gl/Zgkwmb - Facebook : http://goo.gl/olZIx9

- Participate a Translation Run

A Translation Run is an informal gathering of people who are enthusiastic about Google Translate, with the sole purpose of contributing, sharing knowledge, taking pictures, having fun, and posting them out to the public to let the world know that it is happening. Visit this link to find the closest Run happening around you.

    Hosted Translation Runs

- Host a Translate Run

Are you contributive and enthusiastic enough to host a Translation Run? Then go ahead! Host a Translation Run in your University, Institute, School or Work Place. Read the guidelines first and then register your Run.

    Translation Run Hosting Guidelines

    Register a Translation Run