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The Book of The Revelation of Yehoshua Hamashiach Commentary Notes 5777
by Max Carl Kirk

Also posted on Hearing Seven Thunders



New Document Presentations

These Are The Words
a poem on Deuteronomy 1:1-5

[See special section for this study below]

Mahx's Genesis Notes series

 New —> Beresheit Notes
א  בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, 
אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ. 
1 In the beginning God 
created the heaven and 
the earth. 

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Comments on the Words of Yehoshua
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Featured sites:
On the Jewish Good News for the world:
Featured Commentary posting: on Matthew 22:21  
From the Mellow Wolf Matthew Files
Featured essay
From the Notes On The One Eternal Covenant blog site
Featured document
Overview notes on the coming fulfillment of the Great Assignment


Scent Essence of Jerusalem You will find specially selected postings here

from the sites listed below, centred on the Good News of Israel and Her Messiah.

Each post here will link to its original site where it can be read full.


Mellow Wolf Weblog Study Ring

On the Jewish Good News for the world: The Good News of Israel and Her Messiah

About the mandate from Israel's Messiah to teach others about him:  A Study On The Great Assignment

Studies and notes on Revelation chapter 10,
which is the prophecy of the time when All-Israel will be called to 
the witness stand for the truth of the God of Israel.   This site is called:  Hearing Seven Thunders

On understanding the Seven Noahide Laws in the light of the corporate salvation of Israel:
The site is called:  Seven Laws with Seven Thunders.  This site will always be a sister site to the
Hearing Seven Thunders site.

On understanding Jewish kabbalah in the light of the corporate salvation of Israel:
The site is called:  Kabbalah, Bereshith and Mashiach.  There are two main areas of 
"Kabbalah" in Judaism.  These are the areas of the study of Creation and the study of the Chariot.  The 
study of Creation has reference to Genesis/Bereshith and the study of the Chariot has reference to the
vision of the Divine Presence as recorded by Ezekiel and other prophets.  Truly it is the study of the new
Creation coming in the form of redemption into this Creation.  It is to this connotation that I speak of 
Bereshith and Mashiach.

Notes On The One Eternal Covenant   
This is a site dedicated to showing how all of these online studies are illuminated through the 
one eternal covenant of the God of Israel.  See also above the Mellow Wolf Covenant Files wiki.

Mashiach our Soul
"The breath of our nostrils, the Mashiach of the LORD"  Lamentations 4:20 
This new site will study all things to do with the soul.


Coming Soon!  Now underway...

>The  The first post is on Luke 24:27.  I will put up commentary on  various verses from time to time on this site, until I have finished the Mellow Wolf Matthew Files, then I will begin to systematically post on the verses of  Luke chapter by chapter.

Genesis One:  In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth - as He created the heavens so He created the earth, as below, so above.  The pattern and nature of the one is in accordance with the patern and nature of the other.  See Newest Entry at bottom of this catalog below ->
This is the first draft of this work -  Notes on many verses in chapters 2-9 so far - showing the "order of Melek-Tzedek" to be the priesthood of the firstborn.  It was lost to Israel after the sin of the golden calf but restored in Mashiach in its eternal manifestation.


An adaptation of the text of the KJV of Matthew
with my chapter by chapter, verse by verse Notes and Comments,
based on the Good News of Israel and Her Messiah
G-d willing, this is the first of many to come!
Anyone in the world can edit this document.


Mashiach our Soul
 "The breath of our nostrils, the Mashiach of the LORD"  Lamentations 4:20 


Onkelos on Genesis One Study
Add comments on each card on TRELLO

STUDY 1: card 1  Genesis 1:1; card 2 Aramaic "IT" for Hebrew "AT" 
STUDY 2: card 1  Genesis 1:2



Mellow Wolf Evernote Sites

Mellow Wolf Cvnnt Key Notes
A large archive of (downloadable) notes subject to possible frequent annotating and editing, a resource for more formal publications of  

Mellow Wolf Publications.

 MCK Max Carl Kirk's Notebook
Also a large archive of (downloadable) notes subject to possible frequent annotating and editing;  a source of my primary notes and collections.


Mellow Wolf Websites

My Hub site:  The Blessed Poor
There is a summary of many of my different sites and works here.

On Baptism/Immersion:  A Reflection On Solomon's Brass Sea

Interfacing with Judaism:  I Will Sing With Israel

On Preparing to give our corporate testimony in the day we are called to:
 The Witness Stand 

Poetic readings and poetic commentaries on the Psalms and other Scriptures:
 Good News for The Poorest Spirit

Poems of Max Carl Kirk  Poems on a variety of themes 

Jerusalem Princess of LIfe  Index site for my Jerusalem poems.  I have published them primarily on


Open Questions  blogs

Mellow Wolf Weblog Sites

My study site for creating, if G-d wills, a paper calling for those steps to be taken
that will end all supercessionism toward Israel and expose our spirit of 
replacement theology once and for all as being the spirit of our idolatry, 
whether it is found within our hearts in Israel or within our hearts among the nations.

This project is based on combining the message of Hebrews 6 
with the message of Ephesians 4
and is called:  Let Us Go On

 Goodness   My study site for creating, if G-d wills, a paper elucidating this subject.  Without a sense of goodness there is no
conscience, no basis for repentance and conversion.

A "blogsite" under developent for gathering materials for an online Centre For The Study of Torah For The Nations

Web Notes of Max Carl Kirk
Comments on assorted web items


a poetic writing about death and God   

The Poor of the Torah

A Biblical study on the אביון
The Ebonites were not merely a sect of so called, "Jewish Christians"  They were and truly are the movement of all followers of Yehoshua.  

This study of Scripture shows the background of the word in Moses and the Prophets and indicates why this term was used in the first decades and centuries as a way of referring to all those Jews who continued to be drawn toward Yehoshua the mysteriously revealed and concealed Messiah of Israel - whether they were those who were drawn and followed afar off or those who were drawn and came close and learned the way of life, the way of Mashiach's poverty. 

In association with this study on The Poor of the Torah see the poem, The Blessed Poor.

The Lost Little Sister > Issuu portfolio format - from the CSTN site there.
The Lost Little Sister > On my Poems of Max Carl Kirk website, or
read it together with my comments here > The Lost Little Sister

This is  a poem In dialogue with Achot Ktana - being a piyut by   R. Avraham Hazan Girundi

Sotah 5b - Psalms 51:17

 Notes for the Jewish-Christian Dialogue on the Question of Repentance

"The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit, a broken and crushed heart, O God, You will not despise."

- This document discusses how repentance is sometimes seen as a sacrifice.

The Mystery of The Seven Thunders ~ entry no. 1
God Shone From Seir - updated 2010
Section 1 Torah Portion Notes ~ Ve'Zoth Ha Berackah 2008/5769 ~ Deuteronomy Chapter 33

Study On The Letters To the Seven Churches
 - the seven gathered circles in Asia
that had received, each distinctly, of the gifts of the seven spirits of God.

A Poetic Commentary on Psalms 29
 - on the Hearing Seven Thunders blogsite

Parsha Notes
 - a Hearing Seven Thunders project

Baptism Study Notebook  - see also A Reflection On Solomon's Brass Sea

Two Witnesses Study No. 1 - Messiah At Our Window

Two Witnesses Study No. 2 - The Revelation Of God's Name



< some of these are presently being re-created >

Mellow Wolf Covenant Files
Free flowing notes on Biblical Faith.  For notes and studies specific to the topic of the one covenant of God see:
Notes on the One Eternal Covenant below.  This wiki site draws in thoughts from many different directions toward
the understanding of the covenant.  Whereas the e-log on the One Eternal Covenant begins with thoughts very near to or 
on the covenant and draws thoughts out from there in many directions.

Mellow Wolf Conflict Resolution Files
Free flowing notes on the spiritual dimension of interpersonal conflict resolution - on LD, the Learning Dialogue model, and its application
to the work of preparing the way of the Messiah of Israel in his bringing the eternal world of Shalom into this world, thereby 
redeeming this world as the foundation of the world of resurrected life.

Mellow Wolf AltLrn Files
Free flowing alternative learning notes on the experience and practice of learning that arises out of the LD, the Learning Dialogue model.

Max Carl Kirk's Wiki
Here you will find the Mellow Wolf Jerusalem Files and many other special issue items from my online works.

On Freewill
Free flowing notes specific to the topic of freewill

Revelation 4 with inline interpretive note - Max Kirk.epub
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