Singularity Viewer is an exciting client for Second Life and OpenSim, which strives to combine the beloved look and feel of Viewer 1.23 with the latest and greatest of available technology, and to stay compatible with future Second Life changes and features.

Singularity is an open-source project powered entirely by volunteer force and willpower!

Farewell, Latif

posted Mar 8, 2016, 10:19 AM by Siana Gearz

Recently we heard from a common friend, that our long-time friend and contributor Latif Khalifa has passed away. Kinda waited for him to pop back up and yell that the rumours of his demise are greatly exaggerated, but this is apparently not happening. He helped us organize the project and taught us a lot and set up some of our crucial infrastructure. His contributions to other open-source projects shall also live on. Our condolences to his friends&family! Supplemental Release for AMD users.

posted Feb 27, 2015, 3:14 AM by Shyotl

This is a minor patch release purely intended for users with AMD graphics cards. It resolves the issues displaying rigged meshes when using Catalyst Driver releases newer than version 14.9. There are no other changes included in this release, so if you're currently on 1.8.6 and this change is not relevant to you, then feel free to ignore this update.

1.8.6 - Release

posted Sep 4, 2014, 9:00 AM by Lirusaito Færs   [ updated Sep 4, 2014, 11:24 AM ]

This release brings......
  • Ability to select buttons displayed on the viewer’s bottom toolbar. (View -> Change toolbar buttons) (Lirusaito)
  • Emergency teleport when region is about to restart (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
  • Enhanced region restart warnings from STORM-1980 (Jonathan Yap, Lirusaito)
  • Portability Mode, have the viewer bring things like log, settings, cache, and chat logs along with it (Lirusaito)
    • Install to a USB, use --portable arg, or use the provided shortcut as a template
    • Settings are saved to a separate folder from the viewer, so don’t worry about removing the viewer folder when updating
  • Graphics engine improvements (Shyotl)
    • Experimental volume face batching changes, allow +~10% larger mean batch size
    • Added adaptive vsync support (see prefs section)
    • Fixed an issue where hud-attached prims would go missing after a teleport
    • Fixed fitted mesh distortions that were caused by using more OpenGL uniforms than hardware supported
  • Avoid problems when meshes with invalid joint names are encountered (Shyotl)
  • Reduce load on hard disk when downloading meshes (Shyotl)
  • Added Auto-replace text feature from upstream (Lirusaito)
  • RLVa updates from upstream (RLV 2.8.0 RLVa 1.4.10) (Lirusaito/Kitty Barnett)
  • Updated Voice SDK from Vivox to version 4.6 on Windows and Mac (Lirusaito, Latif)
  • Menus on the region estate panel’s scroll lists (Lirusaito)
  • Login panel no longer resets fields after a failed login attempt (Lirusaito)
  • Mini-map enhancements (Lirusaito)
    • From Kitty Barnett’s Catznip Viewer:
      • Show parcels (Minimap menu: “Show” submenu: “Property Lines” & “Parcels for Sale”)
      • Option to use world map textures: (Minimap menu: “World Map Textures”)
    • Scroll zoom is now based on where your mouse is, if centering on camera is off
    • Option to show tracking circles around people selected on the radar while the radar is visible (Minimap menu: “Show” submenu: “Radar Tracking Circles”)
    • Marking on the minimap now changes custom coloring of avatar tags (per session)
    • Multiple selection tool from Exodus:
      • On mouseover, a circle is shown beneath your cursor, this is the effective range of right clicking to mark
      • Change the range by holding Shift while scrolling
      • Other menu functions invoked on right click still only work on the closest dot to your mouse
  • Voice status column in radar, and other radar improvements (Lirusaito)
  • Fix radar notification spam when an avatar leaves region boundaries but there’s no neighboring region for them to cross into (Sim Federal)
  • Beacon enhancements (Jonathan Yap, Lirusaito)
    • Blue and Red beams now denote height of tracked position
  • Updated Qarl’s Alignment Tool (Lirusaito)
  • Name System update (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
    • It is now possible to select how names are displayed on individual lists
    • For instance, you can choose to display radar and friend list with a different combination of name / display name
    • Added 4th option, in addition to only legacy name, only display name, display name (legacy name), now also legacy name (display name)
  • Option to Copy SLURL for an avatar’s profile added to the pulldown menu for IMs (Lirusaito)
  • Open external editor for viewing history on Mac (Cinder)
  • Ability to be notified with a ding when a new message arrives in a group or conference chat (Lirusaito)
  • Voice IMs now work on Opensim grids (Latif)
  • Chatbar command “/regionsay msg" to do region-wide messages without needing to go through the region/estate floater for estate managers (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed memory leaks in animation system (Aleric)
  • Auto-syncing of couples animations (Aleric)
  • Object Import/Export enhancements, including improvements from Cool VL Viewer (Lirusaito)
    • This includes support for Materials (specular and normal maps), Object Physics and Light Image (Thanks to Henri Beauchamp for adding a bug fix to this)
  • Made prim-torture limits standardized with other viewers (Lirusaito)
  • Support for Xbox controllers, Ouya controllers, and Dual Shock controllers (using motioninjoy as Dual Shocks, this will support the six axes)
  • Added support for Controller Keys, inspired by similar code and control-scheme by CtrlAltStudio Viewer (Lirusaito)
    • A = Alt, B = Shift, X = Ctrl, Y = Escape
    • Back = Toggle Flycam mode (fun!)
    • Start = Toggle Cursor mode
    • Right Stick Click = Toggle Mouselook
    • Left Stick Click = Jump/Fly
    • PS Logo = Sit (Specific to motioninjoy as PS controller)
  • Avatar and object reload now re-fetches both textures, and materials (Shyotl)
  • Display date not just time in Teleport History (Lirusaito)
  • MAINT-3530: Add viewer checkbox to extend parcel entry limits to a higher ceiling (Lirusaito/Linden Lab)
    • This option can be found in the Region/Estate floater
  • Several Look At beacons improvements (see prefs section) (Lirusaito)
  • Ability to remove saved login credentials (Lirusaito)
  • Show how many scripts are actually running, and how many are mono, when doing a script count (Lirusaito)
  • Prevent people from wearing their whole inventory (Aleric)
  • Allow items that end up outside the main inventory and that cannot be interacted with to be moved to “Lost and Found” folder. Based on Kitty Barnett’s solution (Lirusaito)
  • Merged group bans functionality from upstream (Lirusaito)
    • Ban From Group option added to right click menus in avatar lists
  • Status bar search now searches in all applicable tabs (Lirusaito)
  • Spanish translation updates (Damian Zhaoying)
  • French translation updates (Nomade Zhao)
  • Changes to Preferences:
    • System -> Security is now System ->Security & Privacy
      • Emergency Teleport landmark drop targets. The viewer will attempt to teleport to these locations automatically 20 seconds before the region shuts down.
      • Render muted avatars (Lirusaito)
      • Announce in chat when people bump you (Lirusaito)
      • Lines from avatar to their lookat beacons (Alchemy Viewer)
      • Customizable name display for lookat beacons
    • Input & Camera
      • Azerty keyboard support (Lirusaito)
      • Realistic Mouselook (Niran, Lirusaito, Alchemy Viewer)
    • Adv. Chat -> Chat UI
      • Format for names in lists
      • Autoscroll for automatic scroll to the bottom of chat when it gains focus (Lirusaito)
    • Graphics
      • Hardware tab, VSync, adaptive option (provided the driver supports it)
      • Depth of Field tab added
    • Vanity->Main, Connect to neighboring regions: Save bandwidth & CPU usage by not connecting to neighbouring regions (Lirusaito, Alchemy Viewer)
  • New/Changed Floaters:
    • Destination Guide. For OpenSim allow the destination guide to change when hypergrid jumping (World->Destinations) (Lirusaito)
    • Default Avatar Picker Floater (World->Default Avatars) (Lirusaito)
    • Detailed Land Impact display from upstream (Lirusaito)
    • New media filter implementation (Cinder)
    • The default permissions floater has been overhauled, it now matches the one found in the LL Viewer where permissions for each individual type of item are offered (Lirusaito)
  • New Debug Settings:
    • LiruNewMessageSoundIMsOn: Enable ding by default on P2P IMs
    • AutoresponseOnlyIfAway: Autorespond only sent when AFK/FakeAway (Lirusaito)
    • LiruCrosshairColor: Mouselook crosshair color
    • LiruHighlightNewInventory: prevent selection being changed on accepting new inventory.
    • RightClickTurnsAvatar: (don’t) turn when right clicking on objects (Lirusaito)
    • SFMapShowRegionPositions: Show region positions on the map (Sim Federal)
    • LiruShowTransactionThreshold: Filter out low amount transaction notifications
A special thanks to the users who attended our first official meeting in-world; to those of you who couldn’t come or didn’t know, we promise the next one will be much better timing for people across the world and better advertised in advance. ~ Lirusaito

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.

1.8.5 - Release

posted Jan 28, 2014, 2:01 PM by Lirusaito Færs   [ updated Jan 28, 2014, 5:24 PM ]

Siana added a new way to move around the virtual worlds by using a mouse. Clicking on your avatar and holding the left mouse button pressed already allows you to look around when mouse is moved. Now, while still keeping the left mouse pressed, you can press and hold the right mouse button which will let you move around just using a mouse. This works on both walking and flying mode.
Thanks to Shyotl, this release also brings significant performance improvements for the rendering engine. Support for “Fitted Mesh” has been merged allowing better fitting mesh garments. For more details, see this post. Creating this new type of mesh is explained on the wiki. 
  • Fixes to shader compilation problems and standards compliance issues (Andros Baphomet)
  • Merged new revoke animations functionality (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added enhanced support for Nvidia cards (NVAPI) which among other things allows automatic use of discrete GPU in dual GPU systems (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Allow alt-camming and terrain parcel selection from farther away, easing tasks such as partitioning regions and zooming around (Latif, Lirusaito)
  • Enhanced support for Intel GPUs on Linux (Siana)
  • Underwater shadows (Shyotl)
  • Fixed a crash often experienced on OpenSim grid where the server would provide an invalid HTTP response (Aleric)
  • Entering login URLs in the Grid Manager made more robust (Aleric)
  • Prevent modifications of stock grid in the Grid Manager that could leave the viewer non-functional (Siana)
  • Increase HTTPS connection timeouts which should improve the reliability on low-end machines (Aleric)
  • French translation updates (Nomade)
  • Initial work on Italian translation (Druskus)
  • Fixed closing of the pay floater (Siana)
  • CrashReportID debug setting will store the ID of the last crash reported to the Singularity Crash Processing System (Latif)
  • Fixed issue 1264: “Vacant lines in Friends list” (Lirusaito)
  • SSAO separated into its own shader allowing speed optimization by running it at a lower-than-native framebuffer resolution (Shyotl)
  • Display cost per sq. m. for parcels on sale on the map (Lirusaito)
  • Several improvements to the performance of the rendering engine (Shyotl)
  • Fixed issues where editing attachments would permanently freeze the avatar (Aleric)
  • Fixed a crash when handling attachments that was one of the leading causes of problems on OpenSim (Aleric)
  • Prevent deleting cache folder on startup when it’s set to a non-standard location (Aleric)
  • Correctly inform the simulator about the bandwidth setting in Preferences -> Network (Latif)
  • Improved performance of glow and ribbon particles (Shyotl)
  • Removed calls to fixed function OpenGL calls when shaders are enabled (Shyotl)
  • Merged Fitted Mesh changes (Latif)
  • Allow customize appearance floater to be resized (Lirusaito)
  • Mouselook Enhancements (Lirusaito)
    • Mouselook UI toggles - Decide which parts of UI to show when in mouselook
      • Input & Camera-> UI Hidden in mouselook section
    • Ability to alt-tab and maintain mouselook
  • View->Reset Camera Preset Angle to Default option added for undoing changes made to camera angle by ctrl and/or shift+scrolling (Lirusaito)
    • The option to change camera angle through this method is now off by default
    • If your camera angle had been messed up in the last release, this option can spare you a full reset
  • Focus Next/Previous in radar will now cycle back to the top/bottom when it reaches there. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed inability to change media settings for an already applied media texture unless media texture is removed and reapplied. (MATBUG-240) (Lirusaito)
  • Fix last online being a zeroed out date when it should show up as unknown (Lirusaito)
  • Fix Toggle Mute not working from the menus shown when right clicking avatar names from a list (Lirusaito)
  • Fix delete key not working in some cases when typing (Lirusaito)
  • Added new lsl functions: llScaleByFactor, llGetMinScaleFactor, and llGetMaxScaleFactor (Lirusaito)
  • To Linux Users: When you update to this version, your graphics preferences will reset! If you value them, make a screenshot before you run the new version. This is brought on by a change made to better identification of graphics cards.

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.

1.8.4 - Release

posted Nov 14, 2013, 8:23 AM by Latif Khalifa   [ updated Nov 16, 2013, 8:25 AM ]

Singularity now supports display of object materials and the enhancements to the particle system (glowing and ribbon particles). This release also adds a native Windows 64-bit support and a host of new features and bug fixes:

  • Merged support for materials and the new particle system capabilities. Enhanced and improved the performance of these features. (Shyotl)
    • Added setting 'SHAlwaysSoftenShadows' to soften shadows when SSAO isn't enabled.
    • Materials UI (Lirusaito) with some enhancements from Firestorm (Cinder Roxley).
      • Thanks to Ansariel for fixing a bug before it ever plagued us!
  • Freeze avatar while selecting attachments (Lirusaito, originally by Chalice Yao)
  • Support for variable-size regions for AuroraSim and (upcoming) OpenSim. Based on Firestorm version of the patch. (Lirusaito, Latif)
  • Added a menu toggle item at Advanced > UI > Show FPS. (SLB Wirefly)
  • Advanced -> Rendering -> Animate Trees re-enables  Linden trees waving in the wind. (SLB)
  • Improved the reliability of the texture cache. (Shyotl)
  • Spanish translation updates. (Damian)
  • French translation updates. (Nomade)
  • Clicking on clock toggles display of local time. (Lirusaito)
  • Added support for GetMesh2 capability allowing for faster download of meshes. (Aleric)
  • Ability to show Whisper, Chat and Shout range rings on the MiniMap. (SLB)
    • Rings can be toggled by right clicking on the MiniMap
    • Made the chat rings aware of OpenSim chat range settings. (Lirusaito)
      • Thanks to Diva Canto for serverside support!
  • Implemented right click option on MiniMap to hide or show objects. (Jayden Beresford)
    • Added MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDelta and MiniMapPrimMaxAltitudeDeltaOwn debug settings which allow customization of which objects are shown on the mini-map based on proximity. (Lirusaito)
  • Fixed an issue with teleport failures and saving scripts taking a very long time on OpenSim regions run in the same simulator instance such as mega-regions (Aleric)
  • Allow typing grid login url directly into the grid field on the login panel without the need to open the grid manager. (Lirusaito)
  • Added Google Breakpad crash reporting system. (Latif)
    • By default the viewer will ask if the crash report should be sent to the Singularity Development Team in case the last run has crashed. This behaviour can be changed in Preferences -> General -> Crash reports where it can be permanently disabled or enabled. We encourage the users to send in these reports and help make Singularity more stable.
  • Use built-in web browser for displaying chat logs, making it cross-platform. (Lirusaito)
    • The old way is available for use on Windows via a checkbox in Adv. Chat UI
  • Fixed crashes on copy/paste operations on some Linux desktops (Aleric, Latif)
  • Focus depth of field under cursor in flycam. (Adeon Writer)
  • Several improvements of the instant message panels. (Lirusaito)
  • Add silent keep/discard inventory offer buttons adopted from Phoenix code. (SLB)
  • Audio engine improvements and bug fixes. (Shyotl)
  • Backported fixes for crashes when using the latest ATI drivers. (Siana)
  • Native 64-bit Windows support (Latif)
    • Thanks to Sovereign Engineer for providing some of the prebuilds used in the 64 bit Windows builds
    • Known limitation of the Windows 64 bit viewer is the lack of support for the  Quicktime plugin which means that certain types of parcel media will not play. Streaming music and shared media (MoaP) are not affected and will work fine.
  • More Opensim conformity (Lirusaito)
  • Added camera presets to the quick preferences panel. (Lirusaito)
  • Allow ctrl/shift-scroll wheel to adjust camera offset. (Lirusaito)
  • Can be disabled with SinguOffsetScrollKeys debug setting (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Smooth mouselook zoom from Exodus (Lirusaito)
  • Alt-right clicking in mouselook bring up menu. Can be disabled with LiruMouselookMenu debug setting. (Lirusaito)
  • Shift-clicking in the center, “hole”, of the pie menus now returns to the previous pie menu when there is one, otherwise it closes the menu. (Lirusaito)
  • Context (dropdown) menus can now be used instead of pie menus. Setting is in Preferences -> System. (Lirusaito)

The Singularity development team would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting great features.

Update Nov 16, 2013: An issue with camera controls was identified in build 5433 which was corrected in updated build 5434.

1.8.3 - Release

posted Sep 18, 2013, 1:45 AM by Latif Khalifa   [ updated Sep 18, 2013, 2:26 PM by Lirusaito Færs ]

This release brings fixes for a couple of crashes and several other improvements:

  • Much improved Collada exporter, which now has the ability to export textures, apply texture parameters such as repeats, offset and others to the exported UV map, combine prim faces with the same texture and color into one submesh and optionally skip transparent faces (Latif)
  • Restored Teleport, Pay, and Log buttons in the IM window (Inusaito)
  • Spanish translation update (Damian)
  • Fixed a crash in audio code (Siana)
  • Fixed a crash when RLV is enabled and viewing inventory was forbidden (Aleric)
  • Made  the map dot color for everyone else customizable (Inusaito)
  • Fixed a problem with long teleports in OpenSim (“4096 bug” SVC-2941 FIRE-11593) (Latif)
  • New debug settings (Inusaito)
    • ResetViewTurnsAvatar allows preventing avatar turning when camera position is reset after zooming (addresses VWR-27956)
    • LiruNewMessageSound allows users to mark a specific chat session important, so “ding” sound is played for every message, not just when the conversation first starts.
    • NewIMsPerConversation when set will count number of new IM conversations, not just total number of new IM messages when the communicate window is closed.
      • NewIMsPerConversationReset allows new IMs button’s visibility to be reset when the communicate window has been opened and closed
    • LogShowHistoryLines allows setting the number of lines displayed in a new IM window from the previous conversation (Aleric)

Big thanks to everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.

1.8.2 - Maintenance

posted Aug 28, 2013, 6:12 PM by Latif Khalifa

This is a maintenance release that brings several fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issues with the German translation where login notifications appeared as ‘[FIRST] [LAST] is online’ instead of showing the actual avatar name. (Melanie)
  • Updated Spanish translation. (Damian Zhaoying)
  • Adjusted handling of the export permissions. On Opensim, if the grid does not support explicit “export” permission, it now follows the rules that the original Imprudence exporter had. (Aleric)
  • On Windows, audio volume control for plugins is now working allowing gradual falloff in volume for prim media objects that are farther away. (Shyotl)
  • The crash when opening Bumps, Pushes, and Hits floater has been fixed (Inusaito)
  • “Show profile” button added on teleport and inventory offer notifications. (Inusaito)
  • Ability to show only legacy names for speakers (in Adv. Chat->Chat UI preferences). (Inusaito)
  • Legacy (pre-multiwear) wearables on some grids showed as (body part) shapes. Clothing (not body parts yet) now show with a (new) red question mark icon in the inventory, and can be used again. (Aleric)
  • When uploading animations, save the values for ease-in and -out parameters, for future uploads. (Inusaito)
  • Disable/Enable UI shortcut changed to Ctrl-Shift-F1 on Linux since the default Ctrl-Alt-F1 is used for switching virtual consoles. The same has been done for the other ctrl-alt-F# shortcuts on Linux.  (Inusaito)
  • Added the ability to save textures from the inventory menu. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to open inventory folders in a new separate window. (Inusaito)
  • Added an option to show landmarks on map (Inusaito)
  • Imported changes from Linden viewer to introduce consistent ground texture generation and fix crashes in mesh upload (Sovereign Engineer)
  • Added an option to hear speakers at the same volume unaffected by position (Tigh MacFanatic)

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has helped make Singularity better by testing alphas, reporting bugs, and suggesting useful features.

1.8.1 - Prim Media

posted Aug 12, 2013, 10:40 AM by Latif Khalifa   [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 6:35 PM by Lirusaito Færs ]

This release brings the ability to see and interact with shared media (also known as MoaP - media on a prim) thanks to Shyotl. Autoplay of shared media is disabled by default and can be enabled in Preferences -> Audio & Video by checking “Automatically play prim media” option.

Some of the new features and improvements include:
  • An update to Voice code by Inusaito Kanya
    • Voice Morphing (accessible through active speakers dropdown)
    • The ability to change your own voice volume from active speakers
    • Changes to UI are exemplified here
  • Wavefront and Collada Export by Apelsin, Inusaito, and Latif Khalifa
    • Allows export of your creations into Blender, Unity3D and other modeling applications and game engines
  • Web Profile and V3 Web Search Support by Inusaito
  • Improved, more flexible, autoresponse code by Inusaito
    • Incompatible with old autoresponse code
    • Can be configured from the Adv. Chat->Autoresponse section in preferences
  • Updated SSA code
  • Support for more types of SLURLs by Swiftkill and Inusaito
  • Chatbar command added for opening SLURLs and URLs
  • Added German translation. Spanish, French and Portuguese translation updates
  • Performance and stability updates in the HTTP pipeline by Aleric Inglewood
    • New HTTP console displaying current status
  • Improved support for OpenSim features by Latif and Inusaito
    • Hypergrid map support
    • High altitude building
  • UI code cleanup by Shyotl
  • Preparatory materials support code by Shyotl
  • LSL editor update by Inusaito
    • Supports all the latest server functionality with help from Sovereign Engineer
    • External editor should now behave like it does in other viewers
  • Support for uploading .anim files by Aleric
  • Add wearable export/import in linden_genepool format by Aleric
    • Shapes exported in this format can be used in Blender/Avastar
    • Shapes modified in Blender can be re-imported
  • Lists of avatars names offer right click menus for performing common actions upon the selected avatars thanks to Inusaito
  • Miscellaneous updates to the radar by Inusaito
  • RLVa implementation updated to 1.4.8 by Inusaito
  • Scripts can now be stopped and started from object inventory without needing to be opened
  • The crash upon login at Loading World when your avatar has an lsl bridge attached has been fixed by Siana Gearz with help from Ansariel Hiller
  • F1 no longer opens help (but it still opens a browser), we are thinking of picking up v3 style help but we’d need a team like Firestorm has, volunteers?
  • New keyboard shortcuts and debug settings of interest:
    • Ctrl-Shift-E to toggle edit linked parts
    • Alt-Shift-R to toggle resetting camera upon motion
    • Ctrl-Alt-Shift-C for Avatar Rendering Cost
    • RadarRangeRadius to limit the range of the radar entirely
    • AppearanceCloseOnEscape to close appearance floater with Esc
    • AppearanceSpecialLighting to toggle lighting change for appearance mode

Our skins package has been improved and added to, it can be found here. To add all the skins, extract this package into the viewer install directory, that's usually C:\Programs Files\Singularity\ on Windows, /Applications/ on Mac, and wherever you extracted the tarball to on Linux.

Finally, thanks to all who tested the alphas, reported bugs, and requested brilliant features.

1.8.0 - Server Side Baking

posted Apr 21, 2013, 12:01 PM by Siana Gearz   [ updated Apr 22, 2013, 3:05 PM ]

Thanks to grand effort of Shyotl, in this version we add support for Server Side Appearance. This, also known as Server Side Baking, is an upcoming system in Second Life which changes how avatars are displayed. Viewers which do not support this system will soon no longer be able to display other avatars, and users running such viewers will also not look proper to everyone else.

So, we ask all Singularitans in SL to please upgrade to this version, and to tell all your Singularitan friends to do so too!

Apart from that you get:
  • Mesh upload
  • Pathfinding controls for linksets and characters, added by Lirusaito
  • Setting of region windlight, by Lirusaito
  • Marketplace tab in Search
  • Portuguese translation, contributed by Knolan Falconer
  • Texture fetch responsiveness improvements, by myself and Aleric
  • Script info in About Land and the pie menu when right-clicking on yourself
  • Experimental ability to run multiple viewers with voice enabled (VoiceMultiInstance debug setting), by Latif
  • OpenSim features: export permission and ability for grids to add custom menu items, by Melanie and Lirusaito 
Besides the usual suspects in the community, whom we'd like to thank, we welcome Melanie Milland as our new contributor.

EDIT: Installer updated because of packaging mistake. If you get "pure virtual function call" error or cannot run viewer because of msvcr100.dll missing, please re-download!

1.7.3 Release

posted Jan 20, 2013, 9:12 AM by Siana Gearz   [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 6:27 PM by Lirusaito Færs ]

This release lays the groundwork for a number of technologies which will be with us for time to come. Feedback on this release will be important to make sure our next release, for server-side baking support, is widely compatible and works smoothly.
  • Huge work has been performed by Aleric to rewrite the HTTP communication engine to hopefully resolve some communication stability issues and prepare for future Linden Lab infrastructure changes. This has been a major task and has taken a better part of the year. In case you had to turn off HTTP inventory or textures before, do try them again whether it works better for you now.
  • Graphics engine update, by Shyotl, with some clean-up by myself. Also check out World->Environment Settings->Post-Processing Effects - MotionBlur and Vignette have been added!
  • Image pipeline update and tuning, by myself.
  • Windows 8 SLPlugin issue has been resolved.
  • Snapshot system re-done by Aleric.
  • Merchant Outbox for Marketplace Direct Delivery. by Inusaito and Aleric.
  • Support for SL Large groups, new group data protocol, by Inusaito.
  • Inventory Cut support, Paste support for folders, by Inusaito
  • A lot of detail setting UI changes by Inusaito. Check out the new Adv. Chat->Chai UI preferences!
Also thanks fly out to Sovereign Engineer, Nomade Zhao, Damian Zhaoying, Naudia Nadezda, Tazy Scientist, Richardus Raymaker. SappaDallagio, WordFromTheWise, Whitestar Magic and everyone else.

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