Singapore Mathematics Implementation Project

Singapore Mathematics refers to the math textbooks from

the small Asian country of Singapore.  Since 1995, it has been one of the top performing countries in mathematics in the TIMSS study. Their success is not just due to the quality of the books, but to the strong mathematical preparation of their elementary teachers. Richard Bisk professor of mathematics at Worcester State University, has provided content-based professional development for teachers using these books since 2000. His work focuses on improving the mathematical understanding of teachers and is valuable regardless of the textbook series that the teachers are using.

Dr. Bisk is a consulting author for Math In Focus and has also done extensive work using the Primary Math editions. He has given presentations on his work and provided professional development in the United States, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Great Britain and Portugal.  He can be reached at  or 508-929-8962.

Math elementary textbooks series in use in the United States that use the Singapore approach.

1.  Primary Math – US Edition – Available from

2.  Primary Math – Standards Edition - Available from

3.  Math In Focus – Available from


Video - Presentation on Singapore Mathematics and Teacher Preparation at Utah Capital Building

MassMATE Conference May 23, 2012 - Common Core Mathematics Standards Influences From Singapore

Parent's Night Presentation -Shrewsbury, MA -  October, 2014

    Part 1    Part 2


Summer Institutes - 2015

1. Singapore Mathematics - Number and Operations Institute    The primary goal of this workshop is to deepen your understanding of the math you teach, regardless of whether you plan to use the Singapore books as your primary texts.  Strengthening your understanding will help you to be more effective as a teacher. This institute will provide a supportive, yet challenging environment for professionals working together.

Location: Worcester State University         
When: June 29-July, 2015
Time: 8:00 AM –  3:00 PM 

Registration Information will be available at the end of February. Expected cost is $775 includes continental breakfast, lunch and books. Expected housing cost in University Residence Halls - $50 per night.

2. Singapore Mathematics Summer Institute - Where Content Meets Pedagogy
Location: Worcester State University
When: August 10-12, 2015  

Website for 2014 Program

Professional Development and Teacher Training Opportunities - Dr. Richard Bisk - - 508.929.8962

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