Sing Lung

Released: 1986

Artist: Jackie Chan & Anita Mui (track 7)

Language: Cantonese

The songs on this album are largely Cantonese versions of Japanese songs from previous albums with a few new songs. See the table below for the corresponding old/new songs.



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  1. "My Little Girl"

  2. "I Stop the Heart Pain"

  3. "Iron Man, Soft Feelings"

  4. "Flight of the Dragon"

  5. "Just for Tonight" / 只想有今晚

  6. "OK I Love You"

  7. "Thousand Times Chained in Feelings

  8. "Waan Ngau"

  9. "Life's Fulfillment"

  10. "Hero Story"


 New Track
(on this album):


 Old Track:

 track 1:

 My Little Girl (Canto)


 "Platonic Intuition" (Japanese)

 track 2:

 I stop the heart pain ( Canto)


 "Rosy Coloured Pupils" (Japanese)

 track 3:

 Iron Man, Soft Feelings (Canto)


 "China Blue" (Japanese)

 track 4:

 Flight of the Dragon (Canto)


-- new track --

but this is a Cantonese version of the English  "Armour of God" theme song
(for the international release)

 track 5:

 Just for Tonight (Canto)


 "Just For Tonight" (English)

 track 6:

 OK I Love You (Canto)


 "I Love You, You, You" (Japanese)

 track 7:

A Thousand Times Chained in Feelings (Canto)


 "Be Like a Storm" (Japanese)

 track 8:

 Waan Ngau (Canto)


 "August Carmen" (Japanese)

 track 9:

 Life's Fulfillment (Canto)


-- new track --

 track 10:

 Hero Story (Canto)


-- Dawn of a Prima Donna -- 

theme song for "Police Story"


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