Love Me

Released: 1984 in Japan

Language: Cantonese, Japanese and English.



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  1. "Movie Star

  2. "Jackie's Legend" / "ジャッキーの伝説"(RAP)

  3. "Marianne" / "マリアンヌ"

  4. "Let Me Hear Once More" / "もう一度聞かせて"
  5. "Love Me"

  6. "When April Comes" / "4月になれば"

  7. "Hello Happy Song" / "ハロー・ハッピー・ソング"

  8. "Wait For Me"
track 1,5,8: sung in English
track 3,4,6,7: sung in Japanese
track 2: sung in English, narrated in Cantonese


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