The Boy's Life

"The Boy's Life" is Jackie's second album and was released (like his debut album) for the Japanese market in 1985 by Warner Pioneer.

"Tokyo Saturday Night" was the theme song for the Japanese release of "Heart of Dragon" in the same year. "China Blue" was also used in the Japanese release of "Heart of Dragon". "I Love You, You, You" won the Special Award for Japanese Music at the 13th FNS Song Festival in Japan in 1984.

There were three singles from this album.


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  1. "Tokyo Saturday Night" / "東京サタデーナイト"

  2. "China Blue"

  3. "Wow Wow Wow"

  4. "Memories of Eagles"  / "想い出のイーグルス"

  5. "Try to Love Me"

  6. "I Love You, You, You"

  7. "Platonic Intuition" / "直感プラトニック"

  8. "Sleep in My Arms" / "僕の胸でおやすみ"

  9. "Hong Kong Twilight" / "HONG KONG黄昏"

  10. "Rosy Coloured Pupils" / "薔薇色の瞳"


The Boy's Life Front Cover  
The Boy's Life Back Cover