John Conyers, JD
US Congressman (D-MI)
Congressman Conyers has been a champion of a single payer movement for decades. He authored the HR 676 bill, which will be introduced for the ninth time in congress this January. HR 676 is a bill that would provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents. We are excited to announce that he has confirmed his role as Keynote Speaker for our conference.

Margaret Flowers, MD
Congressional Fellow, Physicians for a National Health Program
Dr Flowers is a Maryland pediatrician with experience as a hospitalist at a rural hospital and in private practice. She is currently the Congressional Fellow of Physicians for a National Health Program, working on single-payer health care reform full time. In addition to her activity with PNHP, an organization of 17,000 doctors who support single-payer national health insurance, she is a member of Healthcare-Now! of Maryland and a co-founder of the Conversation Coalition for Health Care Reform. Dr. Flowers obtained her medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and did her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Katie Robbins
National Organizer, Healthcare-NOW!
Ms Robbins is a firm believer that health care is a human right that must be delivered to all people without financial barriers. Currently based in Philadelphia, she supports an ever-expanding grassroots network of single-payer activists across the country. Healthcare-NOW! is a movement-building organization that seeks to win a publicly funded, single-payer universal health care system.

Mark Dudzic
Labor Campaign for Single Payer
Mr Dudzic is the National Organizer and Chairman of the United States Labor Party as well as a labor activist. For 18 years, prior to becoming Labor Party Chairman, Dudzic was president of Local 8-149 OCAW (a branch of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union). As President of an amalgamated local representing over 25 diverse bargaining units, Dudzic has dealt with the full range of issues facing working people these past 20 years. He distinguished himself in conducting creative fights against large, multi-national corporations. Carrying on the traditions established more than 20 years earlier by Tony Mazzocchi, the Local played a leading role in the fight for occupational health and safety. Under his leadership, the Local bargained some of the first work and family contract language in the private sector and was an early leader in the anti-apartheid and international solidarity movements.

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