Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to slip some fresh stuff by them.



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Ok let’s start with breakfast.  One of the best ways to become a nutritional uber-man is to make sure your kids get their 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day.  In case you’ve never tried it before, it’s easier to get a woman to appreciate the tone and resonance of your belching than it is to get your sprogs to put green stuff in their mouths.  Fortunately breakfast is the perfect opportunity to slip some fresh stuff by them.  The trick - smoothies.  I got myself a retro looking blender with a tap made by Kenwood.  Along with the novelty apron that makes me look like a naked woman, it’s the best kitchen investment I ever made. 


Now, I’ve seen smoothie cookbooks in W H Smiths and personally I think if you need a whole book to tell you how to cut up a piece of fruit and stick in into a blender then somebody should have smothered you with a pillow before you were allowed to reproduced.  Saying that - my favourite smoothie is banana and strawberry.  They are two of the easiest fruits to prepare and I usually put something else in there if I’m fully awake (peach, pineapple, pear, apple, mango.)  After the fruit is in the blender, I add a bit of orange juice and a couple of ice cubes. Then comes the secret ingredient – a bit of soy milk.  I know what you’re thinking, soy milk is that disgusting stuff made for emaciated, sandal-wearing vegetarians that you see looking unhealthy in health-food shops.  Well I agree with you.  You would have to threaten to do painful things to my privates before I poured soy milk over my corn flakes but, a tiny bit of it does wonderful things to a smoothie.  It gives it that smoothie-ish quality.  And soy milk doesn’t need refrigeration before you open it, so you can stock up.  That means you only have to put on tie-die and go to Holland & Barret a couple of times a year.  Actually these days you can buy Soy milk in supermarkets.   Who knows, there might be an attractive tree hugger behind you in the checkout queue that finds you and your soy attractive?  Don’t knock naked solstice sunset dancing until you’ve tried it.