Packed Lunch Wizard

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Ok it’s early in the morning and you have to make the packed lunches for school.  Stick a piece of ham between two slices of bread and then throw in a packet of crisps and voila you have a boring  Dad-packed lunch.  But if your goal is to out food your ex on all fronts – you have to work on your packed lunches.  I remember when I was at school there were some kids who had Tardis-like lunch boxes with special compartments for crockery and cutlery and a three tiered thermos flask that had soup in one level, steamed salmon in another with the last compartment containing a tiny waitor that served the pudding.  A kid who obviously had a mother that cared.

I’m not suggesting you go to anything near that much trouble but anything out of the ordinary changes a ho hum packed lunch into a noontime care package.  So here’s my tip.

You know those Capri Sun, fruit(ish) drinks that come in metallic pouches.  Well a cool idea is to freeze them.  You can then use them as icepacks in packed lunches – allowing you to include tasty stuff that needs to be kept cold like Yogurt Crunch Corners and chocolate mousses.  And your kids can drink them when they thaw out.  Go to the pound shop and by a pack of plastic spoons and you are a Packed Lunch Wizard.