Chicken Kiev-ish

Women act as if the secret of cooking is estrogen but it’s not



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Any knuckle-dragging bozo can put a meal on the table.  Maybe I shouldn’t, but I assume you know how to put a couple of fish fingers in the oven and microwave some peas?  If not buy my previous book entitled Oven Hot – Refrigerator Cold.  You can read - right?


If your goal is to get your kids to tell your ex that you are a better cook than her, then you are going to have to put in some effort - because that’s what women do.  Women act as if the secret of cooking is estrogen but it’s not.  It is merely a tiny bit of effort and a tiny bit of thought.  Let me give you an example.


It you flop a couple of chicken breasts in a roasting tin and hurl them in the oven at gas mark 6 for 30 minutes - you have a not very exciting but eatable roast chicken breast.  On the other hand if you mix together some soft butter, a fistful of parsley, (fresh cut up with scissors or dried stuff from a jar) and some garlic (pressed or garlic paste) and you smear half of this concoction on top of the chicken breasts before you put it in the oven and reapply the rest about ten minutes into cooking  - then you have an impressive Chicken Kiev-ish disk that will impress your kids and other guests that might come over when the kids are at mom’s.  I am remembering you are a single man. 


Come on!  We’re talking 5 – 10 minutes extra work at the most and you become A MAN THAT CAN COOK.  Women love that.  You don’t have to tell her this is the only thing you can cook – let her find that out for herself – later.