The Single Dad's Cookbook 

Remember when your mother said, “Some day you are going to wish you learned how to cook.”  Well - that time has come.  It’s annoying when women are right.

Divorced men are hanging off buildings dressed like idiots and pelting MP’s all so they can spend more time with their children. My question is – once they get the kids - what are they going to feed them? 


If when your ex picks up the kids you tell her that they ate - a McMuffin for breakfast, a kebab for lunch and a pizza for dinner – then be prepared to spend some more time in custody court.  On the other hand, imagine the sweet revenge when your children tell your ex that Daddy is a better cook than her.  The Single Dad’s Cookbook can make that happen.  


My name is John Lenahan I’m a widower (ok I’m not divorced but the effect is the same) and father of a teenage son.  Join me as I increase my cooking repertoire, investigate the merits of prepared dinners, and basically learn all of the thing I  should have known in the first place.  



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