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Updated on 10/9/06 by GreyKnight 

So yeah we are working on the sheet again.  Sorry about the long hiatus, we sort of got burnt out on the project for awhile wbut we are back working on it again and hopefully will be done in a week or two, but you should all know by now how slow things can go with us.  Anyway, i'm going through the archives now and rereading people's comments, so if you have any new ones now is the time to pipe up.

Updated on 7/4/06 by GreyKnight

Well i just sent out a new version of the sheet to the Beta testers, so we are waiting to here back from them to see what they all think. Hopefully in a few weeks i will get all the bugs worked, get people's opinions and make the final tweaks and release it to the rest of the horde out there that want it. Thanks for understanding everyone that this takes longer than we like it to sometimes.

Updated on 6/27/2006 by DarwinX

Ok, that took a bit longer than I would have liked.  But after taking a brief hiatus from the sheet, I've starting cracking away at it again.  The design for the first page is in the final stages of tweaking, and we're hoping to have a copy we can start using at the gaming table done soon.

Current Versions

Will Need Acrobat Reader 7 for the new save feature to work

4 Page Versions

2 Page Versions

6.0.11 (ZIP) 5.5.4 (ZIP)
6.0.11 (PDF)5.5.4 (PDF)


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