DIY Resurrection Eggs

What you need:


1 empty egg carton 

12 plastic eggs

number stickers (or permanent marker)

several small leaves

a couple pieces of bread (or croutons)

3 dimes

a small piece of purple cloth/felt (I used a sock)

thorns (from tree or bush)

small strip of leather

2 tooth picks to make a small cross

3 small nails

piece of sponge dipped in vinegar

1 toothpick & small paper triangle (to make spear)

small flat rock

glue gun 

Once you have gathered your supplies decorate the outside top of your egg carton. Then number the eggs from 1 to 12. Then fill each egg with that days item. Below is the list of what to put in each egg and the Bible verse for that egg.

#1 small leaves for palm branches, Bible verse- Mark 11:8 

#2 small pieces of bread or croutons for the Passover meal, Bible verse- Matthew 26:26

#3 3 dimes for 30 pieces of silver, Bible verse- Matthew 26:14-15

#4 small purple cloth for the robe, Bible verse- Mark 15:17

#5 thorns for the thorn crown, Bible verse- Matthew 27:29

#6 strip of leather for the scourge/whip, Bible verse- Mark 15:15

#7 2 toothpicks for the cross, Bible verse- John 19:17-18a

(to make the cross I hot glued them together, then I cut the ends of each point off just enough so it would fit into the egg)

#8 3 small nails for the nailing Him to cross, Bible verse- John 20:25b

#9 small piece of sponge soaked with vinegar, Bible verse- Matthew 27:48

#10 toothpick/paper made into a spear, Bible verse- John 19:34

(hot glue triangle paper to an end of toothpick and trim other end down if needed to fit into egg)

#11 small flat stone for the stone rolled over the tomb, Bible verse- Matthew 27:59-60

#12 empty egg for the empty tomb, Bible verse- Matthew 28:6

Each day have kids pick the egg for that day and open it up, let them explore it and talk about it. Ask them questions about it. Then open to the Bible verse for that day and read it and discuss with them what God's Word says. Pray with your kids thanking God for His Son Jesus and what He did for us!