pulut serundeng (glutinous rice with spiced grated coconut)

prep 8 hrs (includes soaking)  cook 40 mins    makes 24 small pieces

300 g (2 cups) white glutinous rice, washed several times, soaked for 6 hours then thoroughly drained

200 ml (1 cup) thick coconut milk or coconut cream

200 ml (1 cup) water

1/2 tsp salt (or to taste)

4 pandan leaves, cut into short lengths

Desired amount serundeng (for topping)

Prepare a steamer that will accomodate your steaming tray.

Combine all ingredients except for the serundeng and mix thoroughly but gently so rice grains don't break.

Pour mixture into tray and level the top to ensure all rice grains are submerged in the liquid. When water in steamer boils, put in tray and cover. Steam over high heat for 20 minutes then open cover and turn rice over, top to bottom and vice versa.

Cover and steam for a further 20 minutes or until rice grains are evenly tender and translucent. Turn off heat and remove from steamer. Discard pandan leaves and cool rice until comfortable enough to handle but still very warm. Do not wait until rice is too cool or it will be harder to shape.

Using gloved hands, form rice into small dome shaped mounds and top each mound generously with serundeng. Gently press on serundeng to help it stick.

Transfer to platter and serve immediately with tea or coffee, for breakfast, afternoon tea or as a snack at any time.