Analysis of the problem

Despite being the World’s fourth leading financial center, poverty is still one of the problems faced by Singapore’s government today. Poverty in its simplest form is the lack of the basics necessities required for quality of life. These basics begin with food, clothing, shelter, and clean drinking water. There are many causes of poverty, the main ones in Singapore being the high cost of living and high competition. The main groups of people who are most susceptible poverty are the lower income groups and the elderlies who are not supported by their children.

Therefore, as a party in Singapore hoping to resolve the issue on poverty, we aim to look after and improve the welfare of the people in Singapore, as well as to further develop the country for its citizens. To achieve this, there are several values that we uphold, such as integrity, respect for the minorities and participatory democracy. We believe that this will encourage the people to be self-reliant and ensure that the cost of living remains affordable.

Our party believes that providing basic necessities to the people will only be a short-term solution for the country and may not be sustainable in the long run. Therefore, to resolve this problem, we would like to help from three main categories, the young, the working, and the old. Firstly, we think that education plays an essential role in breaking the poverty cycle. Outstanding students who are poor can be given preference when applying for scholarships so long as their results remain on the mark. This ensures that even poorer students are able to study in top schools, removing the margin between the rich and the poor. The party also proposes that subsidies and improvising school specialized in helping poor should be implemented to ensure that all students are given access to basic education.

Besides that, the party would also like to emphasize on promoting reemployment to reduce poverty. The two main ways to promote reemployment is to create more jobs by encouraging trades and foreign investment in Singapore and also to promote skills redevelopment for citizens who have been retrenched. However, the party would also like highlight that helps are also given to the unemployed so that they will not suffer from lack of money. The Public Assistance Scheme and community assistance will provide financial help to the unemployed for duration of three months so that they can still afford basic necessities. Besides that, the rent and utility scheme and the healthcare subsidies will also ensure that citizens can still have a place to live in and enjoy healthcare even after being unemployed.

Since majority of the poorer people are elderlies, helping and promoting the support of elderly in family is important in reducing the poverty in Singapore. Our government would set up more social organizations to help and provide elderlies living alone. Through regular visits, we can provide them with food and ensure that the live in a suitable living condition. The rent and utility scheme is also one way to help them. As family support remains the best way to reduce poverty in Singapore, the government hopes to motivate children to look after their parents through giving subsidies and incentives to families who supports elderly.

All in all, the party strongly believes that these methods would greatly help to resolve the poverty issue in our country.