Free Software Links

1. Free Software Foundation

2. Free Software Foundation Europe

3. Free Software Foundation India

4. Free Software Foundation Latin America

5. gNewSense

6. Electronic Frontier Foundation

7. Free Culture

8. OpenOEM

Our Alliance


2. BinaryFreedom.INFO

Video Links

Trusted Computing - A short video explaining what it is and why it is dangerous to our freedom.

Articles Links

Some articles explaining free software and open source software:

O'Reilly - Untangling the Open Source/Free Software debate

FSF - Why Free Software is better than Open Source

FSF - Why "Open Source" misses the point of Free Software

FSF - GNU Users Who Have Never Heard of GNU


Bruce Perens - It's Time to Talk About Free Software Again

Joe Barr - Live and let license

Richard Stallman - Open Source Would Not Have Produced GNU/Linux

Richard Stallman - Open Source Supporters Are Spineless

Free Software Links

Order free of charge CDs of a 100% free GNU/Linux distribution (BLAG). This is similar to Canonial version of ShipIt. We have tested the service and the CD arrived within weeks.