About Us


The Singapore GNU Group's organization models itself after the Mozilla Foundation. We are a virtual organization with no office or registered address in Singapore. As far the the group is concerned, our entire existence is electronic. The group's official members size will be less than ten (10) to avoid any possible violation with the Singapore's Societies Act.

The Singapore GNU Group will work with all free software groups in upholding and strengthening the philosophy, ideals and legel framework of the free software movement in consonance with the FSF.

The Singapore GNU Group is currently directed by:

Koh Choon Lin (President)

From the early dawn of the GNU/Linux system, Koh became involved in the free software movement through social activism. Since 1994, he became familiar with Internet technology and was intrigued by the ideas of information policy. Taking cues from giants like Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Theo de Raadt, Eben Moglen and others, he was disturbed by the lack of awareness on digital freedom and the direction Information Technology is heading in Singapore. In response to this, he founded the Singapore GNU Group in 2006.