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Things to Do: Top Places for Recreation and Leisure in Singapore

We all have our own definition of leisure. For other’s it involves lounging in the comforts of our own home with the air conditioning unit at full blast while slurping a delicious laksa soup. Of course, this comfortable situation is compromised when our trusty air conditioning unit suddenly breaks down mid-slurp. But don’t worry, call Billy aircon servicing company  to perform an emergency air conditioner repair service so you can go back in enjoying yourself.

Billy Aircon has been in the air conditioner servicing industry for 25 years already so can always count on them to perform stellar services no matter what. They serve all areas in Singapore and they fully licensed and authorized to install, maintain, and repair AC units for both residential and commercial buildings. When you call them, they’ll promptly arrive at your door, fix your unit, clean up any mess, and leave your home cool and comfortable.

If, on the other hand, your definition of leisure involves going out with your family and visiting recreation centers and chasing adrenaline high, here are some places you ought to visit on your next day off.

iFly Singapore

Experience the thrill of free-falling without the danger of death at iFly Singapore, an indoor skydive simulation center. Here, each diver gets to skydive twice and feel the rush of falling through the air from a height of 12000 feet without actually doing so.

Wave House Sentosa

Surf without heading out to sea at Wave House Sentosa’s The Wave, a contraption that simulates waves up to a whopping height of 10-feet.

Red Dynasty Paintball

Get ready for an intense game of friendly (or not) paintball fight by heading to The Cage Sports Park, at 220 Turf Club Road. You can choose an hour-long session that’s designed like a video game or you can pick a two-hour session that involves 300 paintballs and shoot till you’re satisfied.

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