WE WELCOME NEW MEMBERS, please introduce the club to newcomers or contact any exco member.

We’re here to help…

The executive committee (exco) members are: 

President: Allan Yee
Allan is familiar with the property market and doing business in NZ, and is happy to assist anyone in networking or requiring business advice.

Treasurer: Irene Ng /Audit: Matthew Ong

The Ong family share the same profile as many recent Singaporean arrivals to NZ, and are a valuable resource for finding out how to settle into life in NZ.


  • Philip & Pauline Ng
    Richard & Thersa Poh
    Amos & Felicia Poh
    Paul Reddy
    Allan Glassey


The Singapore Club would like to be able to meet members’ needs as far as possible, and improve on our agenda of fostering fellowship amongst Singaporeans and friends living in Auckland. 

We would appreciate any ideas, suggestions and comments on how to make this a better Club for all of us.

Please email us on


The club is run by a group of volunteers and we would like to expand this group and call for any member and friends to join us in organising year round activities for the Club and to offer the benefit of your experience to other club members, especially the new immigrants. 

If you can spare us a few hours, weeks etc., we would appreciate your involvement. 

Drop us an email on