Membership Details:
Singapore Club Membership is open to all who have an interest to be in touch with Singaporeans living in New Zealand.

Benefits of joining the Singapore Club:

  • Welcome new Singaporean migrants entering New Zealand.

  • Meet families and friends living in New Zealand.

  • Participate in family functions and excursions.

  • Celebrate Singapore’s unique culture and traditions.

Annual Membership Fees
Student $5.00 per annum
Individual $10.00 p.a.
Family $30.00 p.a.

If you wish to join the Club you can:

Option 1 ( by Mail )

Download and submit a completed copy  of the application form & a Cheque and mail ( see fees above) to:

Singapore Club (Auckland) Inc.
P.O. Box 51-238, 
Auckland, New Zealand

If no cheque is attached to the form, you will not be registered as a club member.



Option 2 ( join online) 

Submit Membership Form Online


Please email all membership enquiries to: