President's Message

Dear Members and Friends

Kia Ora!, which is hello in Maori and this is the greeting that you will hear frequently in New Zealand especially with the Maori community. This reflects the ethnic and cultural heritage in New Zealand, that it is not exclusively a European based culture. This feature of a cosmopolitan population is very evident in Auckland. It is a great city and  is one that most Singaporean migrants will settle in. It has a population of just over a million people, yet has the geographical size of London. If you like the outdoors this city offers a great variety of coastal and inland activities.

The Singapore Club Auckland is a small, and friendly club. Its aim is to promote greater interaction, fellowship and support amongst Singaporeans, ex-Singaporeans and friends of Singapore in Auckland. Each year we will organise social and recreational activities providing a platform for old and new club members and their families to socialise and interact among themselves. I would like to invite you to join the club, better still do it while you are in Singapore. You can print out a copy of the application form and send in to us from this website. We hope to see you soon.

Yours sincerely 

Allan Yee

Singapore Club Auckland