Our purpose

The reason for creating our project was the problem to get a traditional artwork painted on canvas and personal but professionally made staff. So, we build some kind of art platform or a shop where a customer can buy some already painted pictures, traditional or digital, or to order an artwork or items with personally drawn pattern. That might be a T-shirt, a cup, a sticker pack, a notebook or a poster. It is the only one art place where a customer can find this services. You would ask "Why do you say this? There is Vsemayki.ru where it is possible to print any picture on everything you want or digital painters who will draw you an artwork." But Vsemayki only print the picture from the Internet, they are not drawn or painted and the painters can' t provide you any staff you want, mostly only stickers and cups. What's more, on our art platform you can order traditional canvas which are rare in contemporary world and too expensive to buy them.