We have a limited number of kittens available each year.  We breed by pedigree for quality, NEVER quantity.  The rarity of this breed may mean that there is a waiting period for a particular color or gender.  In certain cases we will accept deposits for a place on a wait list.  You should know that Turkish Angora kittens are rambunctious - sometimes more than pet buyers anticipate.  Socialization and vaccination standards require kittens be 4 months old before placement.  Spaying and neutering at 4 months will be only contemplated if the kitten's weight and maturity make it safe to do so. Kittens must first be evaluated for potential in a breeding or show home, which means every kitten in a litter may not be placed in a pet home. Want to be a show home as well? We'd love to help you experience CFA shows, just let us know!

Each kitten is vaccinated for Rhinotracheitis, Calici, Panleukopenia virus (FVRCP) and for rabies. The FVRCP is given at 10, 16 and 20 weeks according to the newest protocol to fully protect them from panleuk. We do not recommend vaccines for FIP or Feline Leukemia. Kittens will not be placed under 4 months and WILL NOT be placed prior to spay/neuter. Our prospective homes must be indoor only and commit to no declawing. 

Pet kittens are $1200. We have very little flexibility on this. The price you pay for your kitten will include 3 rounds of shots, rabies vaccination and PA tag, spay/neuter, and all the additional costs of care that go into raising a litter of kittens. We feed premium foods, including raw, to raise the healthiest kitten possible for your home.  
Affectionate, intelligent, and inordinately attached to people, this is truly the dog of the cat fancy.  Fur is soft, fine textured, and requires little maintenance.  Fragile to the eye, this breed's refined boning makes it appear more statue than reality - but they are strong, resilient, active and hard playing cats!  They adapt very well to other pets and children.  The more you can tell us about your home, the more we can match the best personality for your family.  Best of all, this breed is so human-oriented they adapt almost immediately to homes regardless of their age.  Be they 4 month old kitten or 8 year old adult - they insert themselves seamlessly into any household. Cats of this breed, of any age, do wonderfully and bond very quickly with their new owners and any animal friend. They do very well when they go in twos, when they are in kittenhood - please consider taking two kittens, or a kitten and an adult. The adult will help keep the kitten busy, which might be more of a relief than you think. We do offer discounts and other arrangements if you are purchasing more than one cat.