Health Guarantee

Sinend and Sadakat place health at the top of our breeding ideals. All of our cats come to you healthy, having received shots and usually previously spay/neutered (if you are adopting a kitten, under certain circumstances, we will sell under a spay/neuter agreement and papers will be withheld until proof of spay/neuter). We test for known genetic health issues and fully disclosed any issues in a cat's past history, whether it be health or behavioral. The cats will come to you free of any communicable disease, fungus, fleas or mites. We will always take a cat back if there is an issue in their new home that cannot be resolved; but we would much rather match the right cat with the right home the first time, so please be ready to share information on your home and family for us to evaluate the right cat for you. Any breeder who does not do the same, should be avoided.

We test for HCM in our foundation cats, and we have not had any issues thus far with the ataxia related kitten affliction. We can certainly provide you with more information about ataxia in the breed, but the reality is it is a fatal disorder that strikes in the first weeks of life, and is not an issue you will have to worry about in a cat old enough to be placed in another home. Our HCM scans were done on cats over 3 years of age, up to a ten year old neuter, and read by a certified veterinary cardiologist. Typically HCM tests are ruled reliable only with males 3 years of age and older, and in females 7 years of age and older. We have not had any incidents in our homes of HCM, though it is a difficult disease to rule in or out because it can be genetic or acquired. Cats that have tested and scanned HCM negative:
GC, GP Sadakat's Precious Moments, DM
GC Sadakat's Kadir, DM 
GC, GP, RW Sadakat's Forever Love, DM 
GC Sadakat's Turkish Treasure 
GC Sadakat's Turkish Marvel
Sadakat's On Angel's Wings 
Other breeders who conducted the same test have reported these cats as HCM negative:
GC, BW, RW Silverlock Hearts Afire of Sadakat (and of Antalya'Perl)
Sadakat's Holy Smoke! of Zamaray

If you have any questions about health issues or our health guarantee, please ask!